Red Lippy Project Goes Viral, Raises Cervical Cancer Awareness

LEN - red lippy projectCaroline Muhlich’s project that she created in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program found a colorful and effective way to raise awareness of cervical cancer in the UK – encourage women to wear bright red lipstick.

The Red Lippy Project went viral and was promoted by prominent publications such as The Evening Standard, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Elle Magazine, and more, as well as by prominent celebrities and a myriad of health and beauty blogs.

With screenings for cervical cancer at a fifteen year low among older women (research has shown that early screening for the disease is very effective at preventing advanced stage cancer in older women), and with research showing that many women are unaware of the early signs of the disease, such as bleeding outside of one’s period, the campaign couldn’t be more timely.

LEN - red lippy project2Coinciding with cervical cancer awareness week from June 9-15, the campaign, in the project’s words, was designed for women to celebrate femininity while encouraging women to look after themselves and each other. It created a platform that talked openly about the importance of cervical screenings and cervical cancer with a fun, bold, visual language that women could relate to.

Find out more information at the Red Lippy Project website:

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Will says:

Jill is a graduate of Landmark. Got it? Please give and share campaign. GoFundMe Friends Give Hope.

Mina Mac says:

Awesome!! Great job Caroline!

Katherine Griffin says:

Truly amazing! Great work!

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