R U OK?DAY, National Campaign to Reduce Suicide, Set for September 15th

R U OK? DAY, a suicide awareness and prevention campaign started by Australian Landmark graduate Gavin Larkin, is taking place on September 15th this year. The day began in 2009, with the full support of Australia’s Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Parliament, as well as being supported by physicians across Australia. The intention is to encourage people to look out for each other by starting conversations to find out how people are doing, since being isolated and disconnected are major factors in depression that can lead to suicide.

According to research, the first R U OK Day caused about 650,000 conversations to take place that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. The video below shows support for the day by international stars such as Hugh Jackman.

The awareness day was created by Larkin and his two brothers in honor of their father, who commit suicide in 1995. To find out more information or donate to the organization, visit the R U OK? DAY website.

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Excellent! I’m in Central Florida spreading the word that’s it’s okay to talk about mental health. We all have brains! R U OK? is such a simple and direct way to connect with another human being. Thank you for the work you are doing to share this with the world.
peace, love and joy…

Michael Tacconi says:

July 1st will be 20 years since my brother left at a young age of 23. I have several friends who have experienced the same.

Thank you community for this program.

People’s actions are directly correlated with the way the world occurs for them. Credit to Landmark Education. You are transforming your environment with your stand for people around you living their lives powerfully and living a life they love.
I proved it to my loved one again by prosecuting a bully man ruined my life betraying me as a husband and infidelity in marriage. he may call himself a doctor but he was not it, a bad doctor for all. I owe it to me and my loved one in my community, I WON it shows his actions is dirctly correlated with consequences

RU OK, is question for community. I am trying to deal with anger and hate in my life caused by infidelity of husband i divorced.My mother enjoyed Landmark programs in NP beach a lot and i am trying to get better after many years of anger and hate

Wow my website is up
This is a website for my community. I am for all women in divorce abused by powerful husbands. My message is let go and stay strong against abuse remember my trial and misery of divorce from not so healthy of a husband.
Having gone through a nasty divorce costing over $500,000 in legal fees and five years of battle, I vowed to become an attorney who listens to and delivers what makes a real difference in my clients’ lives and other people who are facing divorce or dissolution of partnerships.

Emma Chevron says:

Due to very high numerous of deaf suicials MORE THAN hearing suicidals. In honour of my childhood friends, Stuart Flynn, Colin Farmer, Andrew Thompson & Tania (surname withheld) & several more by confidentiality. Please put captions on the video streams for the deaf & hard of hearing of all ages including the seniors too. Please put auslan sign interpreter in the litttle box on the corner of the video streams for those who can’t read. Please use this powerful tool to reach awareness to Australians to protest the govtment to accept Auslan as an official language next to the English, so put the auslan subject into all education schools. Put auslan in the curriculum for the police, doctors, nurses & teachers. Make Parents of the deaf to learn Auslan.

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