Prosperity Boot Camp Plans for 35 States

by Judi Romaine

LEN - prosperity boot campWhen life got tough for Julie Dankovich, she redesigned that life with power and purpose. She completed The Landmark Forum and the Advanced Course in 2009 venturing immediately into the Self Expression and Leadership Program where her project, Prosperity Boot Camp, was born.

Having championed some major life challenges herself using the most effective tools she found in neuroscience, spirituality, metaphysics, and psychology, Julie envisioned a transformational program that would cause others to become the source of their own abundance. With SELP, in combination with Landmark’s Team Management and Leadership Program, her dream became a reality.

Prosperity Book Camp provides thought-provoking inquiries into conversations around money. Participants learn how prosperity works and how to generate it. “Participants experience an immediate shift in all areas of their lives, including income, happiness, and an even greater sense of peace of mind and joy. They get connected to one another and gain control of their lives using the internal power we’re all born with.” says Dankovich.

To date the program has been offered in Michigan, Illinois, and Los Angeles. As for the future, Julie and her team plan to be in thirty-five states by December of 2013. She’s currently training a team to lead Prosperity Boot Camp, so they can expand globally.

When asked what she has created for her own future, Dankovich says she’ll continue to find substantial fulfillment in the transformational experience she provides in Prosperity Boot Camp.

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Kurt Schoop says:

Dear Julie, It sounds very good and I would like to participate and also to be train. I have done the curriculum for living and I’m giving introduction here in Curacao (Caribbean). I will contact you soon to see how in your expansion plans we can include Caribe…


Let me know when you are coming to Denverarea.

Julie, I am coaching an SELP in Detroit and will be sure to share your project with our participants.

Pat says:

Any plans for Seattle or Portland/Pacific Nortwest area?

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