Project Stand Publicizes Worth Causes

Seattle-based graduates of Landmark Education’s programs have used their participation to create a unique project/website: Take a Stand. The site highlights people who have taken on impacting the world in a positive way and the organizations that they have created to do so. The site interviews and films the leaders of these organizations.

For instance, Project Stand recently interviewed Carol Schillios, creator of the Fabric of Life Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable credit, education and health care to women and their families in the developing world. Here is the Project Stand interview with Schillios:

The site is interested in contributions from the public: “Do you have a story to share about someone who took a stand for what they believed, and had a positive impact on your life? Did you know them personally, were they someone you heard about, or was it a well-known public figure? Send us your story…to [email protected].”

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