Pretty Connected Reviews The Landmark Forum

Lara Eurdolian, the founder of top fashion blog Pretty Connected, has reviewed The Landmark Forum on her blog. Here’s an excerpt of her review:

Whatever got me into that room, I’m glad it happened. I’ve never been so moved by a group of humans or more aware that you never know who you’re sitting next to. And if you think you this is one of those things for people with issues or who aren’t successful, it’s not. There are plenty of millionaires sitting in those seats. The course is about “living life powerfully and living a life you love”. Often times we tell ourselves we’d be happier if we were skinnier, richer, younger, more successful, married, taller, shorter, smart or whatever we blame our constraints in life — and that’s not true. Because all of those demographics are in the audience, and it’s because that’s not all it takes to be happy or live a life you love. It’s understanding what’s stopping you from pursuing that life, because you’re actually perfect and complete just as you are and skies the limit as far as what you can accomplish and have.

Read the whole thing at Pretty Connected.

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