People Magazine Spotlights Woman who has Raised Millions for Orphanages as ‘Hero among us’

A May 2010 issue of People Magazine has featured Landmark Education graduate Hilda Pacheco-Taylor as a ‘Hero Among us’ for the work she has done raising money for 14 orphanages in Baja, Mexico.

Pacheco-Taylor founded the non-profit organization Corazon de Vida (‘Delivering Hope’) as her project in Landmark Education’s self-expression in Leadership Program back in 1994 (see Landmark Education News‘ original story about the project). Since then, she has raised $5.5 million for the 14 orphanages, providing 750 a children a day with food, medicine, education and other supplies.

Pacheco-Taylor has a very personal reason for supporting these orphanages: she herself was raised in an orphanage in Mexico after her father died and her mother could no longer afford to take of her. She thrived at the orphanage and went on to become educated and have a very successful career as an executive in the aerospace industry.

When she returned as an adult to visit the orphanage where she was raised, she was distressed to find that it was run down and didn’t even have enough food for all the children. Pacheco-Taylor got into action and Corazon de Vida was born.

Visit their website to read the People Magazine story about her and Corazon de Vida.

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