Olga’s Beautiful Beings Creates Beauty Day for Abused Women

Olga’s Beautiful Beings was created by Olga Nisenboim to make a difference for women impacted by sexual assault and abuse. As her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership program, Olga and her spa, Olga’s Day Spa of Highland Park, Illinois, put on ‘Olga’s Beautiful Beings’ first event, which gave more than a dozen clients of the Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center a full day of spa treatment.

The event, held April 29, provided spa and hair services and gave each attendee a gift bag. In the words of Nisenboim, it was provided to empower women and restore confidence, giving them a day of beauty. The video below tells about Olga’s Beautiful Beings and the work of the Zacharias Center, of which Nisenboim has been a long term supporter.

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Brinn Hemmingson says:

What an incredible project! I created a little paper for my community that ran for 3 years…this could be something that goes on for ever and even affects other shelters across the country. It is so powerful to see such results and ideas, and Landmark in general gives us the power to make our visions real. I salute you, Olga, and give you a “computer” handshake!

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