OIC Promotes International Cooperation

Landmark Education graduate Arnie Keiser has let Landmark Education News know about the work of his innovative organization for global cooperation – his update follows below.

Landmark graduate Arnie Keiser, President of the Organization for International Cooperation (OIC) recently said, “We haven’t even scratched the surface of the possibilities of diplomacy for solving our major global threats and suffering.”

Governments the world over have many dedicated and highly experienced officials working hard to solve our numerous global problems.  Yet, despite all the hard work and brain power, the world grows infinitely more dangerous and less compassionate daily. Millions continue to die and suffer in 26 ongoing armed conflicts. We have today 9 nuclear armed states, terrorist attacks worldwide and many overwhelming humanitarian tragedies.

OIC is introducing to foreign policymakers and negotiators the use of specialized consultants and programs licensed and developed through Landmark Education. They have consistently produced stunning successes in the private sector for 4 decades. They produce “out of the box” problem solvers and breakthrough communicators.

They can support foreign policymakers and negotiators in identifying critical factors generally overlooked in conflict and cooperation challenges which will lead to unprecedented solutions and results. They can make many things possible in foreign relations that seem impossible at this time.

So far serious interest is being expressed by government officials throughout the Middle East. OIC is currently seeking new volunteer members throughout the world. We can be contacted at 856-596-6679 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Our web-site is www.oicworldpeace.org

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Adolfo Alberto Valerin Vargas says:

I just received an E-mail with information regarding your Organization and would like to know more about it. Currently I am in the Spring 2010 Introduction Leader Program in Los Angeles and was candidated on our Fourth Weekend, a week ago had to come to Costa Rica to take care of my 😯 year-old mom and will be returning to Los Angeles as soon as I can. Please, let me know if you have any information, contact or needs in Costa Rica since I am committed to bring Landmark Education to Costa Rica.

Thanks and best regards,

Adolfo Alberto Valerin Vargas

G. M. Paulraj says:

Dear Adolfo Alberto Valerin Vargas and team,

Amazing effort!

I am from Chennai, India. I have personally been wanting to start a forum of a similar kind like what you are doing at present. I strongly believe even the collective thought power can influence the decision makers through the ‘law of attraction”.

I admire and subscribe to your “dream”; willing to be part of your “team” and shall start working together in your “scheme” in order to achieve the common objective.

According to me this planet is my house situated in a beautiful round globe. All are my relatives. However, some of them, though may be elders and seniors, are responsible for the current state of affairs, be it environmental, social, nuclear or all global problem.

The causes are plenty ranging from ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, addiction to power, to extreme levels of egoism and greed.

Let us “TOGETHER” start working from now on. I am a Trainer with a little bit NLP training, brain & mind research am serving in the educational sector as a Trainer cum Director, working with a few hundreds of teachers, professionals and thousands of school and college students.

Please accept my heart felt congratulations for having initiated such an impeccable initiative that is the most wanted need of the hour.

God bless! & Warm regards!

G.M. Paul Raj

Adolfo Alberto Valerín Vargas says:

It’s being 2 1/2 years and I am still here in Costa Rica. My mother past away and I decided to stay and transform Costa Rica 4.6 million people. It’s being great, I have never being so happy my day starts at 3:30 hrs. and I go to bed around 22:00 hrs. My day if full of Love and wonderful people. Elder, kids, young women, widows, Couples in distress, families who want to keep together regardless, abuse women, kids and seniors. There is so much need here, I can’t see my self leaving this country. There is so much potential and people are hungry for love. They are still kind and warm heart people. My love to all of you and thanks for all the prayers and love.

My love to you always

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