Now that She’s Gone: Snortland’s One Woman Show Hits LA

snortland1.jpgEllen Snortland is a prominent author, activist and actor who is committed to the empowerment of women worldwide and who has participated in the programs of Landmark Education. She has written a book titled Beauty Bites Beast, about violence against women around the world and what is being done about it. The book, which was translated into Spanish and will be made into a documentary film, was covered in a previous article in Landmark Education News. Snortland’s latest project is a one woman show, “Now that She’s Gone”, which deeply explored her relationship with her mother.

The play, subtitled ‘Unraveling the Mystery of my Mother’, has already appeared in New York, Washington DC and California, and will be running in at the Sidewalk Studio Theatre in Toluca Lake, CA, from July 19-27, has been acclaimed by observers as funny, poignant and inspiring.

Gloria Steinem said: “Ellen says I’m the grandmother of this play, but I’m not crazy enough to think that it was my planting of a seed when in fact it is her enormous talent. She has a gift for being serious and funny, making you laugh and understand at the same time.” 

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Nora Dunn said that Nortland “delivers a poignant and completely original insight into the mother/daughter relationship that is deeply moving, and often profound.” 

More information about ‘Now that She’s Gone’ or any of Snortland’s other noteworthy projects can be found at Snortland’s website, or for information solely about the show, go to the Now that She’s Gone website.

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