Monti’s Pretzels a Hit in Maryland, Guyana

pretzels-again.jpgMegan Monti got two big things out of taking the Landmark Forum and other Landmark Education programs: She got committed to making her dream of owning her own business a reality, and she got committed to using that business to make a difference in the world. Her fresh approach to her new retail pretzel business has brought her media attention, including this article in the East County Times of suburban Maryland.

Pretzel Factory Opens in Nottingham

Megan Monti Twisted. Not a state most of us like to be in, but one that Megan Monti, owner and operator of the Philly Pretzel Factory loves. Why? Because on a typical morning, Monti and her employees will hand twist about 1,600 pretzels, and upwards to 5,000 on a busy day!

The Grand Opening of the Philly Pretzel Factory at 7698 Belair Rd. in Nottingham happened on Saturday, September 20. Just a short drive from beltway exit 32 south to Beltway Plaza led to a kickoff part complete with Ravens cheerleaders, Philly Pretzel Factory’s own Mr. Twisty, music by Josh Copskey, several honorable guests masked and otherwise, and of course pretzels.

Why pretzels you might ask

“Growing up in the North Jersey/Philly area, you eat a lot of pretzels,” Monti says about the lifestyle in which she was raised. Besides eating pretzels, Monti was indoctrinated into the business working as a weekend manager for Philly Pretzel Factory in Haddon Heights, New Jersey.

The franchise opened initially hoping to deal only in the wholesale market, but found their daily operation constantly interrupted by people coming to the door wanting just one fresh, hot pretzel. And there you have it; an idea was born.

“It’s a little different here in Maryland than it is Jersey where you can get fresh, hot pretzels on every corner at any time of day,” Monti says. Pretzels for breakfast is a concept that is a little slow t take off here in Nottinghame, although the business is open 7 am to 7pm. Monday through Friday, 8 to 6pm on Saturdays and 9 to 4pm on Sundays. Monti plans to change all that and is sure Marylanders will fall in love with Philly-style pretzels in no time.

Just a simple combination of flour, yeast, water and special pretzel conditioner go into the manufacturing of these quality snacks and of course, the secret ingredient: time. The raw pretzels chill out in a cooler allowing the necessary outher shell to form which gives the pretzels their signature Philly flavor – slightly crunchy on the outside yet warm and chewy on the inside.

Of course it’s not just about pretzels. Monti stresses that she wants the community to know “we’re out here to make a difference.” Heading up a PTA, scout troop or rec. team this year? Monti has several fundraising ideas involving fresh, hot pretzel sales to hungry packs, teams or students and she would love to talk to you. Monti herself has planned several benefits in which 100 percent of the profits will be sent to Guyana, South America, to help fund a new orphanage being built through the Sisters of Mercy, a mission near and dear to Monti’s heart.

Still not convinced? Well OK, you can try one for free. Three actually. Monti promises three free pretzels to any customer who walks in the door between now and the end of the year. So come on in, you have nothing to lose and she knows you’ll be back.

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Brandon says:

NOW THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curtis Aubry says:

Congratulations Megan.

You said it would happen, and there you go making it happen with style and contribution.

Looking forward to seeing or hearing from you soon back in Philly seminars.


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