“Meet the world at your Doorstep” and Irish SELP Project

In an increasingly multicultural Ireland, there are many SELP projects that endevour to cross cultural divides.  This is one that was covered in the  The Irish Daily Starmulticultural-ireland2.jpg 



Around 200 people from over 26 countries all over the world live together on one Dublin street with their Irish neighbours.
They had a street party to get to know each other and combine their cultural differences.

The residents of Parkdrive Green in Castleknock discussed and displayed their cultural differences at their local community centre.

The event titled ‘Meet the World on your Doorstep’ was organised by Rosemary Lennon-Maher while participating in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme. She was assisted by Victoria OLaju Mokie from Nigeria.
“It is a celebration of who we are as a multi-cultural community. It is a celebration of life”

The group included people from Albania, Pakistan, Cameroon, Germany, Nigeria, India, Afganistan, Czech Republic and everyone wore their traditional dress and came with their own cuisine to share with their neighbours.

Pakistani boys ran around in their national gowns playing with Irish, Afghan and Pakistani children while a member from each community took turns singing, dancing and story telling.

Andreas Mokake from Cameroon introduced each performance. “We want to integrate and live in peace and harmony with other people from other countries” he told the Star..

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This is a wonderful story. There is a similar phenomenon going on in Australia. Landmark Education is in Australia too.

Check this out: http://www.legrads.com.au

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