‘Leaders Causing Leaders’ to Feature Leadership Luminaries

A new leadership conference designed to empower people in making a difference is coming to Long Beach, California in early November: Leaders Causing Leaders – LEADERShift 2010. The event will feature a wide range of personal development pioneers and other notables, including musical artist Jason Mraz, Landmark Forum Leader Richard Condon, and Steven Covey, Jr. Conceived by Kenneth Schwenker out of his participation in Landmark Education’s leadership courses, the two-day event, which will feature workshops and panels, keynote speakers, youth and teen events, live music and more, will take place November 6-7 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

“People want to make a positive impact on the world,” says Schwenker, “and this event is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the incredible leaders who have successfully made their mark.”

Leaders Causing Leaders features events such as Designing Your Vision for the World, a series of four interactive workshops whee participants create new narratives for their lives and the world based on harmony, sustainability and leadership, with the goal of creating a visionary world service project. Those who register in advance will have the opportunity to be awarded a year of mentorship from Leaders Causing Leaders’ expert panel.

The over one hundred speakers, panelists and workshop instructors include a range of the world’s foremost experts in personal development and other disciplines.

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The ideas which LEADERShift 2010 aims at is practical and progressive. It is true that strong future leaders can only be created by leaders only. Personal experiences and practical instances are more effective than learning from books on leaderships. All the institutions that impart leadership studies and programs in their academic courses should make sure to motivate the students to participate in such programs.

Debbie Weiss says:

Please,keep me informed of leadership sites,programs on this website. Thank you, Debbie

Linda Summers says:

What the world has been waiting for has finally arrived. An event that embraces new leaders with new way of thinking. One where even the ant is considered. With love, there is integrity and responsibility, we are that love and we are with integrity, fulfilling on our responsibility. The world is shifting into a new world, where fear is no longer a feeling recognized, because WE the people are connected. We will be there for each other into a new future for a new world. This is what Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ and many others stood up for. They gave their lives for it….we no longer have to do that, because we are listening from love.

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