Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Project in New Dehli gives mothers a chance to share and learn from each other

When Renu Sharma created a community project in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program, she wanted to provide an opportunity for mothers to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Here is a story from the East Dehli Plusindian-mother-child.jpg.

Look at the world from the children’s point of view

’The most connected parent’ quiz will be held on August 15 at Aashirwad Enclave, I.P. Extension

By A Correspondent

Would you like a closer relationship with your teen? A seminar on this subject was recently organised at Aashirwad Enclave in which more than 30 mothers of the society gathered to discuss about their children, sharing problems and experiences that would enable them to understand their children better.

Dr. Rashmi Sarkar, assistant professor, MAMC, also one of the mothers attending the seminar said, “I have always felt that you have to keep growing with your child. Keep an open access for teenagers on aspects like changes in physical and mental growth, right and wrong and probably sex and safe sex.”

Physiotherapist Nidhi Bansal said that the discussion had initiated a thought process on analysis of problems faced in parent-child relationship. Says Renu Sharma, “Why is the emphasis not on doing to one’s own potential, rather than being compared against someone else’s potential?”
This was followed by another open access programmes for teenagers in Aashirwad Enclave on July 27 led by Dr. Srikanta Basu, assistant professor, dept of pediatrics, LHMC, and Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital and his wife Dr. Rashmi Sarkar, assistant professor, MAMC. Among the issues discussed were HIV and AIDS, alcohol and tobacco abuse, the psychological aspects of teenage life, peer pressure, physical growth and development.
What made this project unique is that teenagers were viewed in a positive light and due importance was given to teenage life. The stress was on teenage life as an enabling period to scale up to any height in any desirable sphere of life.

The final phase of the project involves a quiz — The most connected parent — to be held in a cultural programme on August 15.

Many residents of the Aashirwad Enclave took up leadership of the project. Beena Bansal Kusum Bansal, Archana Kaul, Shyama Bagri, Manju Dua, Savitri Gupta, and Nidhi Bansal made this project a grand success.

This project is a part of the self expression and leadership programme offered by Landmark Education, India. There are acts of kindness and there are acts of greatness. There are people who are making a profound difference in their community and beyond through the programs at Landmark Education. This project is being coordinated by Renu Sharma, a resident of Aashirwad Enclave.

The project involves three phases: sharing, counseling and quizzing.

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