Landmark Not Connected to Est Reunion

The editors of Landmark Education News have noticed a message up on the official Landmark website. It reads “We have received a number of inquiries asking if Landmark is connected to an advertised ‘est reunion’. This event is not endorsed or supported by Landmark in any way.”

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Molly Byock says:

I understand that the est reunion is an independent event from Landmark, but just don’t get the negative “not supported in any way’. It makes me sad.

admin says:

Landmark Education Posted the following statement regarding the reunion:

A Message from Landmark Education

Submitted by Landmark Education on October 28, 2011 – 9:03am.

At the heart of the staff and program leaders of Landmark Education is a profound appreciation, respect and gratitude for the millions of people who have participated in this work over the years. This vast community of truly extraordinary people has and does make an enormous and unique difference in the world.

While Landmark and its programs and services are organized to empower people in their lives and in what they are up to in the world, we intentionally leave to the graduates what they do with that in their lives and in the world. As such (and because we could not possibly support them all, and therefore would slight some graduates), we have a policy to not publicly comment on, let alone endorse, individual graduate projects and events. However, we are always delighted when we see and hear about graduates making a difference in their lives and in the world.

If not for the following and public statements that referenced Landmark, we would not be publicly commenting on this event either.

In the case of this event, however, it was made clear – including from conversations with some of the people directly involved in the event, as well as numerous calls from concerned graduates- that this event was intended to be something other than a “reunion.”

According to these people, and the event promotions and other communications, the originally planned event specifically targeted est and Landmark graduates and customers to generate a profit from the event itself and to promote other personal and business interests of some of the people involved in the event. The event promotions used numerous Landmark copyrighted materials and images and reportedly, proprietary course material was planned to be delivered in the event, without Landmark’s permission. In addition, the event communications used Landmark Education, est, and Werner Erhard’s names and images, as well as misleading statements from event personnel, to create the impression that Landmark, est and Werner were somehow associated with or endorsed the event, which was/is not the case. Were it not for the above we would have had no issue with a straightforward graduate reunion, as we have had no issue with such graduate reunions in the past.

Landmark appreciates the efforts of those people that have been involved in the event as well as other graduates who have made efforts to correct these matters.

Landmark has a responsibility and commitment to its customers, the graduates, stakeholders, program leaders and its staff-owners, who have fully invested themselves, to expand, make real, and fulfill on what originally started this work. Again, at the heart of that responsibility and commitment is a deep gratitude for the millions of graduates of this work – and we cherish, honor and celebrate ALL the people who have participated, supported and caused this work throughout the years.

Thank you.

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