Landmark Launches Direct Access

Landmark Education has announced the creation of a new program titled Direct Access: Creating and Living a Future You Really Want, which will launch this fall across the world. According to Landmark, the new two-day program is designed to take advantage of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, as well as a dynamic, easily understood, multimedia presentation, to have people naturally and effortlessly taking actions to fulfill on what’s important to them.

As part of the launch of the new program, Landmark says it will reward the first 100 people who register in each course with a new iPod Shuffle, provided they register at least 10 weeks before the start of the course.

Direct Access features a specific step-by-step process that is designed to put your brain to work for you, so that the actions you want to take come automatically and with a sense of ease, particularly in areas you have been struggling with. The course takes place over two days from 9am to about 7pm.

For more information about the course visit the Direct Access page of Landmark’s website.

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I am currently taking the Direct Access program. Blown away by Landmark Education, the Forum, the Advanced Program, SELP (in process now) and this latest offering.

The depth, the integrity and the quality of what is being offered and the way it is being offered in service to others so that we can live our lives powerfully and loving the life we life is awe inspiring. The integrity of this program and the experiential methodology developed from more than 30 years working with individuals all over the world makes me feel so grateful. I am access parts of my life by standing on the shoulders of many inspired, committed and generous people that came before me.

The commitment to making these programs available to people in all walks of life, different ages, socio-economic levels,and inviting the same diversity that exists in life at a cost that is reasonable. The dedication of an army of volunteers who recognize that by giving with intention and attention, they will be receiving multi-fold also inspires me no end.

So I just discovered this website as I plan to start Day 2 of Direct Access in Fort Lauderdale with Barry Greider feeling so grateful that life led me to Landmark…something that I am putting to good use in my life and in service to others.

Can wait to dig into what’s being offered here. So happy to join.

Suzanne Daigle

Michael Fox says:

Id love to hear more! I just did a Neuro chemistry of the brain seminar.

JT Lawson says:

Years after doing the direct access program, & other related Landmark programs & pilot study programs conducted by Landmark’s Resident graduate, Ken (whose last name escapes me, & he’s a neuroscientist), I believe have me newly present – everyday – to “now” discoveries & a powerful separation from being this physical being as the experience of who I get to be that uses this physical being (including the brain, trying to keep “me” as a separate “thing” ) to function in life connected & creating everyday who that gets to be with no-thing
to prove & no where to get. Being whole & complete & what I get to create with others a life worth living & the real possibility of unity in the world (“us”, as a humanity creating together who “we” get to be supporting each other in winning as (responsibly), noticing & managing when “we” resort back to these brains trying to keep us separate, opposing unity & each other by default).

No other Landmark program (other then the experience gotten on Sunday night of the Landmark Forum) have I gotten such experiences & awareness of freedom from the confines of the brain & body it’s in keeping a dialogue of a “me” to identify from IT’s interpretations & physical references as to what reality is.

I believe the Direct Access program has me getting all the distinctions Werner has created, pointing to experiences, discoveries & living life fully I would not have gotten & experienced (& keep experiencing) so powerfully.

Also, getting how vital it is to stay in the practice of the work for continued effective transformation & making present the opportunity for humanity to experience connection & a future created & played for together possible.

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