Landmark Graduates Review Direct Access

People who have previewed Landmark Education’s newest Course, Direct Access, have now written reviews and posted videos about their experience.

Direct Access is Landmark Education’s first new weekend program in many years, and is intended to be the first program of Landmark’s newly designed offerings. It features new design features, including shortened hours, course elements informed by the latest neuroscience research, and a full multimedia presentation. A video review is shown below.

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Les Klein says:

I took the course this weekend (and stayed to the end!).
My day-after impression is that it was a new vocabulary for an old set of distinctions.
Landmark has shifted the conversation from the “mind” to the “brain” and plugged in some new scientific discoveries about how the brain works. Taking off from that, they have developed a newer language or set of terms (“specialized terms”) that, strung together, create a “network” which forms the basis of the “conversation domain” which gives access to creating a new future. Really nice and it would be essential for transformation if one hadn’t already done the work of EST and/or the Forum. But having done both, I found that the basic principles were the same and the methodology also very similar, with predictable excellent (but not unique) results.
A very exciting new word is “Bracketing,” which defines the action of putting aside (bracketing) your preconceived notions, which action then allows you to see through to a new “way of being-way of acting” in response to your perceived “occurrences.”
All-in-all, I stayed awake and engaged and had few judgments (fewer than I expected). I did notice that the shares were the same as always (“I’m working on growing my business”, “I‘m looking for a meaningful relationship”, “I want to make a difference,” etc. etc.). The participants had a way about them that I found off-putting: they did a lot of WooooWooooing that I though childish and inappropriate, but I guess that was a form of full self-expression that an old man just doesn’t relate to.
Was it worth $500? Actually, I would say ‘yes’ (which surprises me to say) and I am looking forward to letting it impact me… you’re never too old or too smart/experienced to find improvement opportunities. Even an old EST-hole may learn new tricks.

Badri says:

I attended the Direct Access Program this weekend (June 9th and 10th) at Bengaluru India. The mix of neuroscience and ontology is heady, to say the least!!

Certain established Landmark ‘facts’ like ‘your being gives your actions’ were shattered at this program and it left many of us wondering!! At the same time, I felt that the new emphasis on splitting the way of being into its components gave much more clarity and understanding than merely say “My marriage is not working” and hence made it more workable.

I wish we had a few more exercises on ‘bracketing’ and causing ‘wonder’ so that we can practise it in our areas. We did not even experience wonder because it was done so quickly.

I am putting the 7 step process into work on different areas and it is too early to comment on the workability or the lack of it!!

Out of chaos emerges clarity and I hope that out of this shake-up of existing fundamentals a huge shift will happen!!


Please let me know when the next DIRECT ACCESS program is in NEW YORK


Last presentation of the Direct Access Course in USA. Register by calling (310) 642-1997. Be in the Los Angeles Center on August 11 & 12th from 9am to 7pm.
Puts your brain, so that it naturally generates the actions required for you to realize the future you really want.

Josie Mineau says:

Very good insights. I enter the intro class program on Saturday, Oct.27th. I hope to fulfill the 3 day weekend program in November. Wish me luck in clearing any blockage for SPA SALT boutique, a new business I am entering to begin? Hope to open by November 14th, 2012. Nice review. thank you.

christian darnel says:

i ‘d like to find out more about the 7 steps. is it something that was part of the forum,?

christian darnel says:

would someone please refresh my memory about the 7 Elements in Direct Access

Eric says:

Is the Direct Access course still being offered? I clicked on the link, and it just took me to the Landmark Education front page, and there’s no reference to the Direct Access course on the site.


John says:

Christian, I lost the 7 step process card (well, it is in the garage somewhere, probably) but I managed to get it read out over the prone, dictating as well as I could. Hopefully you found the answer before now, if not…

It will be of little use to anyone who hasn’t done Direct Access. (I don’t think it is still available, being only ever a limited time prototype program)

1: Ask ‘What is important to me as a human being’, look at an area of life where you are dis-empowered

Identify the dis-empowering ways of being
Ineffective ways of acting
Physical sensations

2: identify the way in which what you are engaged with in that area occurs for you

a:how the situation occurs
b:how the environment occurs
c: how you occur for yourself in what you are dealing with in that environment

3:what is the almost certain future in this area

my comment: Basically the first 3 steps are creating the world of the problem as completely as possible so you can understand all that is connected to it.

4: Bracket it, bracket the past between you and what you are engaged with and bring a sense of wonder.

5:Ask yourself what ways of being and what actions would leave me empowered in this matter.

6: Ask yourself in what way would the
matter I selected need to occur for me for those new ways of being and acting to be a natural correlate of that occurring.

7:Declare a created future in this area the realization of which fulfils on what is important to me and on what I really care about as a human being.

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