Landmark Forum Leader TEDx Talk on Fulfilling Dreams

Landmark Forum Leader Josselyne Herman-Saccio recently spoke at TEDxHunterCCS about what it takes for people to fulfill their dreams. Herman-Saccio speaks here about the illusion of ‘someday’ – chasing a future dream or living it right now. Watch the full talk below.

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naresh chandwani says:

whats the age limit for landmark program

F says:

From 7 to 12yo – landmark forum for young person
From 13 to 18yo – landmark forum for teenagers
To attend a young person or a teenager needs to have one parent or both as graduate/s of landmark forum for adults ((from 18 onwards)

Mali says:

Not young at all except in total being! Just spent two magical weeks with this beautiful amazing abracadabra Lady – Wow! Got stuff never was available for in too many years to state here! Okay so I keep some stuff under wraps on fb…?

Christine says:

Naresh: there is no age limit. No matter how old or how young u are. There are kids programs too.

Shalu says:

>15 yrs+
However For 8-15 yrs, there is Landmark forum for young people

So great! Thankyou for this wonderful talk. Trully inspiring! 🙂

I have received SO much value from my particpation in the whole Landmark Education curriculumn for living. 🙂 So grateful.

Luna James says:

You can do the Landmark Forum for Young People as young as 9 years old!

Sofya S says:

There is NO age limit. People of all ages & backgrounds take the workshop. That’s part of its power – seeing commonalities across a broad spectrum of people.

holly says:

young people 8 -12 years old
teens 12-17
adults 18-100

Julie Monette says:

Naresh, there is no age limit for the oldest you can do it. There is an age limit for the youngest one can do it. The Landmark Forum for Young People is for 8-12 years-old. With 7 year-olds can to it after being interviewed.

Marianna Newman says:

Designing a life that is in the RIGHT NOW is so powerful!!! Sharing this concept of having and knowing what your dream source is was a great inspiration. I love the way you speak and clarify things until there is SPARKLE!!!! Thank you Josselyne for always inspiring me to fulfill on my dreams! I want to create magic! I want to dance and sing and love others!!!! Thank you always!

Mirjana says:

Inspirational and powerful

Chantelle Ray says:

It’s unbelievable how she accomplished all her dreams. This video was extremely inspiring and I would like to find the source to my dreams as well. I have a lot of dreams yet to be fulfilled. The thought of being satisfied and happy every day of my life is exciting. She also talked about how we could bring happiness to our lives, rather than searching for it! After watching this I have registered for the Forum and look forward to “Making a difference to my life”

Melissa Stearnes says:

We all need to chase and fulfill all of our dreams. I have done my Landmark Forum as well as the Landmark Forum in Action. Before the course, I was just an ordinary accountant doing a desk job, with no social life, but after the weekend my life took a steep turn. I saw myself happy and expressive. I had a bunch of friends and even found a girlfriend! The reason for this change was- I realized what was actually lacking in my life -SELF EXPRESSION; which was the biggest breakthrough I received after my coach worked with me. During the course, many other people went through similar struggles and found their way out of them too. It’s magical how I am happy and living my dream along with that same old job and family. The foremost trouble of my life was that I blamed others for all the mishaps or issues of my life & wasn’t ready to face difficult situations. Now, I realized my mistake and had conversations with my family and my coach with indeed changed my life. Honestly, I am surprised how it all worked for my step-by-step without taking many efforts. This course does wonders and simply changes your outlook towards life & most importantly makes you believe that all these magical dreams can come true!

Bryan Plumer says:

I have found happiness in life. My life before the forum was full of struggle and sorrow but all those problems were solved automatically after the weekend. This course is not just limited towards our dreams it also talks about many more things that can be a cause of your worries. I did the Landmark Forum as well as the advanced curse a year back, and now my life is simpler and better. I do realize that we are capable of achieving everything we want. I genuinely loved the course and appreciated the arrangement of various teachings that help us understand our mistakes or shortcomings. Many of my friends did the course after me and enjoyed it a lot. I recommend this course to all of you as it can turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life!

Kristina Robinson says:

I am a teacher by profession but always wanted to pursue art as a career. Just like her, I believe that my dreams were unrealistic and they couldn’t become anything more than a hobby. A few years back, my fiancé took me to the Landmark forum and we did this course together. During the course, I realized the biggest regret of my life is that I did not go ahead with my dreams & I covered it up by saying that I possess the qualities of a good teacher. During the course, I talked about this to my fiancé and the coach. I received my breakthrough that weekend and my life changed. After 6 months of the course, I found myself a highly paying job as an Art teacher! It was miraculous and I give all the credit to the Forum. It opened my eyes and helped me live the ideal life I always dreamed of!

Gloria Smalarz says:

It was after the introductory session that I thought to myself, can this even be real? Are these people honestly living their dreams? I was on the verge of leaving because it sounded extremely superficial to me when a man sat beside me and asked me to register for the Forum. I refused and when asked why I said that this seems fake to me. I asked him a bunch of questions regarding the course and he peacefully answered all of them! Every answer that he had was logical and very inspiring. Then, he started off with his story and mentioned that he is a cancer survivor! He was diagnosed in the 3rd stage when his doctor asked him to do the Forum for good mental health. He was broken and hopeless, but the course gave him the motivation to fight the disease and the hope of living a longer life. I was stunned as I saw his watery eyes, and decided to fill myself in for the upcoming Forum. I am looking forward to this amazing course and hope to find such miraculous results in my life as well!

Steven says:

There is no such thing as a quick fix.

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