Landmark Forum Graduates Share Their Stories

by the Landmark News Editorial Staff

Landmark’s Youtube channel now features dozens of people sharing what they discovered out of participating in The Landmark Forum, as well as the Landmark Advanced Course and Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program. The videos include participants from all around the world. In addition to the three videos shown below, visit Landmark on Youtube to see all the different videos of Landmark Forum graduates.

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Harish Naik k says:

You always have people from US, Australia, Africa, rarely find people from India sharing. Not promoting Indian people’s greatness of doing landmark. It’s an awesome program no doubt it. I see differences while choosing people, your reply appreciated.

Melanie Landes says:

I was a participant of this course a few years ago but thought it wasn’t effective in my life at all. A few months later I got divorced and went back to the advance course wherein I realized the actual value of this course. The divorce was due to my misbehavior and now we are patching this up. Thanks to the Landmark Forum and my beloved coach. It is a very inspirational course that helps you grow mentally. The after-effects of the course make your life better and happier.

Cristi Abner says:

The landmark Form course is a weekend course that can be very effective if followed correctly. I did the course 6 months ago and accidently found my neighbor there too. After the course, she said it was a waste but on the other hand, I loved the course and enjoyed it a lot. The course helped me become confident and I started to love my flaws! She did not benefit from the course because of being Un-coachable. Doing the assignments and going out of your way to make changes in your life is necessary. The purpose of this course is for you to transform your life and it takes a lot of effort, just listening to the coach or complaining about difficult situations in life won’t help. So participate in the course and follow all the assignments, it can help you a lot.

Pedro says:

I was in school when my dad used to beat up my mum sometimes in anger, I used to get frustrated then and feel very unsafe and helpless. When I got into college I got very rebellious against my dad and disobeyed every little thing he said. In university I did not contact my parents for years and moved out after that. I did the forum when I was 35. Till then I had no idea where my parents were or how were they doing. I did the forum because I had some work related issues, but ended up getting a huge breakthrough regarding this instead. I was married and my wife asked me to contact them too many times but I just didn’t. During the forum I talked about all those nights when I went to bed with tears in my eyes, hearing them shout and argue. I was scared to go back and face them, but worried about how they must be doing. My coach asked me to call my parents and I didn’t throughout the forum. During my landmark forum in action session my coach mentioned that I wont be able to grow or move on in life if I didn’t get over my fear and just make a call. I went home that night and decided to call them, when I couldn’t get through I asked my aunt about them and got the numbers. Called my mum first and it wasn’t that back and then talked to my dad. That year, my wife and I flew down to see them and it was great. I tried to put the past behind me and have close relations with my family. Now I have a son and we have a complete and beautiful family.

Henry Jurk says:

How bad is it to not be able to maintain relations. I was a two-time divorcee at 40 and I kept blaming myself for not being good enough. My first wife left me because I was a workaholic and we were quite young then. A few years after that when I had achieved all I wanted to I decided to look out for a mate and found this amazing lady who was a poet. We met at a gallery and were looking at the same picture, when I decided to talk to her and soon after that we got married. Three years after the marriage we couldn’t have kids and the doctor said the problem was with me. She wanted a family and kids of her own so we got a divorce. I had the money, success, house, everything but no one to go back home to. I took the landmark forum to realize that I always pity myself. So I got up and got out there to get into another relationship. This girl was from another country and she was visiting my mum for a few weeks. We hit it off quite well and now are married and have adopted ryan our 5 year old. I am so glad I did the forum and opened myself to new possibilities.

Asher Collins says:

I did my forum 4 years ago and did not see an improvement in life. I spent a weekend with a bunch of people facing life issues. There was a healthy interaction between the participants and the coach and the start was quite energetic but later it got very tiring. The long lectures were not as helpful as I expected. I did not really have a life problem but they made me think and asked me to find one. I was disappointed by the very little amount of attention paid to many of us. I would rather pay this money and get a personal session with someone. The concept of blind spots is something I realized I was bearing after the forum. I cleared my differences with a close friend whom I cut off after a small argument. Overall, the forum was not worth my time and money.

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