Landmark Graduates Celebrate the True Spirit of Thanksgiving with Homeless Children and their Families

realgift-thanksgiving_059.jpgCommitted to impacting the lives of the over 12,000 homeless children attending schools in Maricopa County, Arizona in direct, positive and meaningful ways, the Real Gift Foundation is a volunteer-based organization committed to impacting the lives of the over 12,000 homeless children attending schools in Phoenix area.


The mission and purpose of the Real Gift Foundation is dedicated to providing the necessary aid and assistance to children of homeless families, so that they may better handle the challenges their lives bring. These challenges are daunting and pervasive. According to the US National Coalition for the Homeless, 1.35 million children are homeless on any given night in America. Children and their families are often in and of shelters and run down hotels sometimes changing locations every week.The responsibility for meeting the needs of these children often falls to school system by default.


The Real Gift Foundation seeks to both bring attention to this issue as well raise much needed funds for healthcare, education, clothing, school supplies and many of the other needs children have in order to have a normal life.

realgiftthanksgiving_151.jpgThese are photos are from the 4th annual Thanksgiving Dinner Drive. Providing dinners for homeless families with children attending schools throughout Maricopa County. Thanksgiving Day 2007, in the Phoenix area, provided a real opportunity for volunteers and homeless children to celebrate and share the unique gifts we have to offer each other.

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