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Brian Hassett is a regular contributor to ThatRadio, a cooperative community radio show that is programmed by its members. Hasset is a regular show contributor, and one show in June he was interviewed about his experience and opinions about the Landmark Forum and Landmark Education. What follows is a piece of the transcript of that program.

Male: Talk about Landmark for us.

Brian: Do you know anything about it?

Nikki Hayes: Um, I have a 93-year-old friend who just died this year, but she, when she was 80 I think, she took a landmark course, so I thought this must be kind of cool if my good friend Madge is doing this. And she, it compelled her to bust out. She had to do something like five things, well five things that she otherwise wouldn’t have had the courage to do.

So I thought, wow, that is so amazing.

Brian: Speaking of courage, you mean, she kind of, she did these things differently after she took—

Nikki Hayes: No, things that she would have been afraid to do that was the course.

Brian: Right, after she took it, kind of.

Nikki Hayes: I think the course she took was Live your Fear or something.

Brian: Yeah, yeah.

Nikki Hayes: And it was like three days, and—

Brian: Yes, that’s what it is.

Nikki Hayes: But her daughter Jennifer, had taken a course, Jennifer Mason who has an amazing talent, she’s an amazing musician. She took the course and it compelled her to step out if you will and create a CD, something that she didn’t have the courage to do before. She went to LA.

She got a producer. She some, you know, miraculously, but not miraculously, she got a funder. Someone gave her $250,000 an anonymous donor to do this.

And she met them at the landmark event and it was someone who had belief in her and heard her sing and she produced an amazing, amazing CD called Mothers of the World. And it’s quite amazing.

So I’m not, I wouldn’t call myself, in who I am, those kind of things turn me off if you will. I’m much more independent soul, but I think from its intention and what it’s producing is amazing.

Brian: Yeah, I’m a pretty independent soul too and in a way, it fosters independence. It fosters individual strength. I mean, it gives you some sort of tools where religions, I was thinking about this.

Religions kind of hand you a bunch of rules to live by and shrinks just listen and don’t really give you any thing to go by. They just listen to your stuff, you know.

And so, this is a place that’s sort of, they hate any of these terms, but it’s like a self-help. It’s like motivation. It’s like group therapy. It’s some amalgam of all that stuff. But it really is kind of more practical in terms of giving you, here’s a way to let go of the crap you are carrying around with you.

And here’s a way to open up new possibilities in your future.

Nikki Hayes: Well, it’s interesting because when I saw the word landmark in an email that I opened up today and I thought, “Isn’t that interesting.” Because there is a phrase, believing is seeing and I think when you believe you can actually do something that otherwise you never thought you could.

You can start seeing it and visualizing when you really believe it. As opposed to people that are limited by having to see something and then believe it. So when you can start saying I am more powerful than I ever thought I was, I am able to complete this. I am able to create something I never thought was possible then you can start building the construct of how to get it done.

Brian: And to their credit, they are doing that every week all over the, what is it, they’re in 24 different countries. 50 something offices and they call it transforming people every week and I witnessed it this weekend. You know, maybe 100 people, maybe more breaking down barriers that they’ve had all their lives or for five years or ten years.

You watched it happen to sort of person after person, you know, and so at the end of the day, at the end of the weekend, not only are these 100 or 150 or however many people made real break throughs different and better people, but you know, all of the different relationships that each of those people reached out to siblings, spouses, parents, children, are having a better relationship now.

You know, like the brother, like I haven’t talked to my brother in 10 years and you call up and he’s really glad you called, so not only is the person who made the calls life better, but so is the recipient.

Nikki Hayes: Yeah.

Brian: So, I mean, that’s a lot of good stuff they’re doing.

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Jennifer Mason says:

While I appreciate Nikki Hayes’ enthusiasm for my music, she is mistaken in her facts. I released my CD Mothers of the World with A&M Polygram five years before I ever heard of Landmark. Her remarks about how the recording was funded are also completely incorrect and had nothing to do with Landmark.

I did participate in a Landmark Forum weekend in 1997 or 1998 and found the experience interesting and inspiring.

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