Landmark Education Distinctions Now Available On Social Science Research Network

According to Landmark Education, Social Science Research Network (SSRN), the world’s largest distributor of recognized scholarly academic papers in the fields of social sciences and humanities, has published papers that contain distinctions and material from Landmark Education’s programs and intellectual property. Authors of the material related to Landmark Education include Joe DiMaggio, Ph.D., senior Landmark Forum leader and the head of Landmark’s Research, Development and Design Group;  Steve Zaffron, senior Landmark Forum leader and CEO of Landmark’s Vanto Group as well as co-author the best seller The Three Laws Of Performance; and Michael Jensen, Ph.D., economist and Harvard Business School Professor Emeritus.

The materials include a paper about a new model of integrity that has been the basis of talks delivered at a large number of academic institutions and is also the basis of a book to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2012, as well as the distinctions of a new leadership course which has been delivered at business schools and prestigious institutions from around the world.

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