Landmark Education Communication Expert Appearing on CBS News in Los Angeles

Landmark Education reports that Landmark communication expert Josselyne Herman-Saccio appeared on CBS News in Los Angeles on Friday, July 29th, during the KCAL9 News broadcast, which began at 2:00 pm Pacific Time.

UPDATE: See the video of Herman-Saccio’s appeareance below.

On the program, Herman-Saccio discussed the power of language to create a life you love – specifically looking at the ways language shapes how we see the world, creating interpretations that directly affect one’s satisfaction and success in all areas of life.

See Landmark Education’s Youtube Channel to view past television appearances by Landmark’s spokespersons.

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Derek Collazo says:

This is a great appearance. I think that Josselyne should have just stuck to one example (say money, instead of gradma and money), however, it is pretty clear that her being is fantastic and super enrolling.

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