Landmark Connect – Social Networking Portal Debuts

Landmark Connect has been relaunched as a portal for social networking opportunities.

Landmark Education has launched another website, this time re-doing and re-launching an older website, Landmark Connect. The purpose of this site appears to be to connect Landmark Forum graduates to social networking opportunities and graduate stories on the web.

In addition to linking to Landmark Education News, the site gives access to Landmark’s Facebook page, its Youtube channel, the Landmark Education newsletter, and the new Landmark Healthy Living Blog. Visit the link above to see for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Landmark Connect – Social Networking Portal Debuts

  1. I’m enrolled… now lemme in !! Where do we go to sign up and to start sharing and “enrolling others in our having gotten” ?
    Blessed day all, peace, Tom

  2. I’m with you Tom………….Any Ideas?……….Maybe we need more Landmark Education portals worldwide…where are you located in space and time?

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