Kposowa Blog Shows Bumpe Rebuilding

kposowa-test.jpgThe Kposowa Foundation, co-founded by Landmark Education graduate Sarah Culberson out of her commitment to people of the town of Bumpe and the country of Sierra Leone has launched its own blog, giving updates on the progress of the work being done there to rebuild the town and introducing visitors to the people of Bumpe.

When Culberson did the Landmark Forum, she summoned the courage to go find and speak to her long lost birth father, and in so doing discovered that she was in fact a princess of a tribe in Sierra Leone centered in Bumpe. The town had been devastated by civil war, so Culberson helped form the Foundation to help rebuild the town (See Landmark Education News’ previous stories about Culberson here and here). This video on the Kposowa blog shows the difference the reconstruction of the Bumpe High School has made in the lives of the people who attend. More information about Culberson and the work of the foundation can also be found at the Bumpenya website.

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