Kicking for Kids who Can’t Approaches 4th Annual Event

Back in 2006, Landmark education graduate Ginna Goodenow founded Kicking for Kids Who Can’t (KFKWC), an organization dedicated to helping amputee children obtain prosthetic limbs and other medical devices and procedures (seeSee LE News’ original story on KFKWC).

KFKWC is now approaching its fourth annual event this fall, and in advance of the fundraiser, the organization reports what it has accomplished recently.

Saturday, July 25, 2009 brough KFKWC an opportunity to hear music, speak and have fun! From 11:00 AM – 6PM, the KFKWC team set out to solicit donations, network and promote our Cotober 11th event on the National Mall. Aside from listening to the music of up and coming artists in the DC area, the event helped us spread the word about our cause and the purpose of our existence. The sun was blazing, but it wasn’t enough to stop the KFKWC team. Thank you Maceo Thomas for providing this opportunity and thank you to all who came out to support KFKWC.

On Wednesday, July 26, 2009, KFKWC was “kickin’ it” with the Washington Freedom Women’s Professional Soccer Team. Through a program called “Washington Inspires,” KFKWC was able to market the upcomign kick-a-thon event prior to the start of the Washington Freedom vs. Boston Breakers soccer game. Both programs, “Washington Inspires” and Kicking for Kids Who Can’t, are themed around helping children enrich their lives through recreation fitness and fun. We anticipate that this partnership will help encourage and motivate children to live despite their disadvantages. Thank you Washington Freedom for allowing us to inspire.

For more information on the annual event taking place on the National Mall on October 11th,Visit the Kicking For Kids Who Cant Website


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