Kenyan Parliamentarian Credits Landmark Forum for Political Impetus

A feature article from The Standard, Kenya’s largest newspaper, spotlight’s Rachel Shebesh, a member of Kenya’s parliament who attributes much of her inspiration for getting involved in politics to her participation in The Landmark Forum.

The article, by Shirley Genga, interviews Shebesh, who said she always was interested in ‘giving back’, after being raised by extraordinary parents – her mother is a reverend, and her father was mayor of the Kenyan capital of Nairobi in the 1980s. After taking the Landmark Forum, Shebesh says, she felt she could truly effect change and that she was truly willing to give all her passion to what was important. She became committed to making a difference with Nairobi’s Kiambiu slums and began working with women’s community organizations that could help make a difference there. This led to Shebesh’s involvement in politics.

Today Shebesh is involved in many prominent causes in Kenya and across Africa. She is chair of the African Parliamentary Initiative for Climate Risk Reduction, and was appointed last year as a representative of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction campaign. Shebesh has also been part of the campaign to close down the heavily polluted Dandora dumping site and clean up the surrounding area.

To read more about Shebesh’s life and her family, read the complete interview at The Standard.

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Sandy Copson says:

Well done Shebesh, and thanks for keeping me inspired in what I am progressing to achieve.

petty martinw says:

am a student at a certain high school am now in the last year madam rachael shebesh is one of my role models i could  one day wish to be like her.

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