Joan McNeil Passes: Longtime Landmark Education Staff Member, Passionate Environmental Advocate; Has Memorial Service Scheduled for October 16 in NYC

Joan McNeil, who was a Landmark Education Staff Member since its inception, and who touched the lives of many thousands of people through her years with the company, died peacefully from liver cancer on September 22, attended by her friends and family on Bowen Island, near Vancouver. McNeil spent many years as a regional manager for Landmark, managing many of the people who run Landmark’s Centers around the world. McNeil’s husband Charles McNeil wrote a tribute to her for a Bowen Island website in which he said:

“Joan’s career in education spanned 30 years, beginning as a high school teacher, then evolving into senior management at the global educational enterprise, Landmark Education, where she touched the lives of thousands by assisting them to find ways to fulfill their dreams and aspirations for their relationships, health, career, leadership, self-expression and satisfaction.”

In addition to her work with Landmark Education, McNeil was a powerful champion for the environment, as well as an advocate of healthy living. She built the energy efficient house she spend the last six years of her life in on Bowen Island from recycled materials, winning a special Platinum ‘BuiltGreen’ rating.

There will be a celebration of Joan’s life taking place this Sunday, October 16, in New York City from 5-7pm, at the St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral in midtown Manhattan, at 630 2nd Avenue.

Read more at Joan McNeil’s personal blog.

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Charmaine Loverin says:

God Bless and go kick integrity fun in heaven! Celebrating your life! Thank you for who you were in this WORLD 🙂

Peggy Long - former Hunger Project Staff says:

Joan McNeil was a wonderful, kind and loving person who not only touched the lives of thousands of people, but mine also. She put smiles on faces, joy in hearts, and love to all. I, along with many others, will miss her deaply. Love to Charlie and all of Joan’s family, Peggy Long, former Hunger Project Staff.

kathleen morris says:

Thank you for reconnecing me with Joan and Charles McNeil. They were an amazing couple and both impacted my life in a way I will always remember. My relationship with Joan was through Landmark Education courses I had participated in, where she was the leader and always available to listen, and inspired me in my work with The Hunger Project and New York Youth at Risk.
Then one year she and Charles attended the YAR annual event and bid on an auction item, that brought them and Harry and his family to Ventura to the beach home of my sister. It was so wonderful seeing Charles and Joan in an environment other than NYC and business. I totally get how she must have loved Bowen Island. And what an accomplishment, to have been on this health adventure and built the home of her dreams along the way.
Congratulations, dear Joanie. Thank you for being in my life.
Love and Light,

Byron Johns says:


What an inspiration you were to me. Your passing has come as such a surprise. I am moved by your contribution to the many lives you impacted through your work with Landmark and WEA. Wow!

Thank you! Rest in peace. You certainly deserve it.


I loved this woman with all my heart, and enjoyed working with her on staff in the enrollment department at Landmark in 1991. Joan made everything fun and easy, even the tough stuff. And when you were in conversation with her you totally got gotten.

Herman says:

Wow, Joan! I will always remember your voice, your presence, your spirit with great admiration. You made phone assisting during my ILP fun! Who’d a thunk it! But that’s who you were, are. My father also passed on Sept 22 in 1991 and was the gateway to est/Landmark for me and my family. What a special day it must be. Anyway, I know your being here is still rippling through all the transformation that you helped bring to the planet. Thanks can’t be said or felt enough.

Curtis Aubry says:

I miss the presence of Joan on our planet. I have known her since 1982 when she was on staff in the old Berkeley Oakland area center. She was leading the way with macrobiotic eating back then and introducing all of sustainable living and possibility.She was always up and inspiring and I am one of the many lucky people to have been trained and inspired by her. Thank you for nurturing her Charlie. My love and appreciation to you.


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