Interview with Ria Bauhofer a Landmark Forum Leader in the Netherlands

Landmark Forum Leader Ria Bauhofer was recently interviewed by  Intermediair PW, a human resources magazine in the Netherlands. This article was translated from Dutch to English and sent by Landmark Graduates in the Netherlands.

riaba.jpgRia Bauhofer is director of Landmark Education. With trainings the company intends to create better opportunities for success, but also to achieve job satisfaction and grandeur. “Every serious manager should be interested in such things.”   ‘Often when I talk to people I get the impression that they compare motivation with a  hamster running faster in its wheel. That’s not how I consider motivation. It’s not about just doing things faster. It’s about that you’re being called upon and committed. Motivation means that you create one or more opportunities that inspire you and consequently support all you do, think, feel and say. In the Landmark Forum I recognised that I didn’t give my love to other people in order to protect myself. Later I came to the conclusion that loving other people was of greater value than preventing being harmed by them. Every time I wake up I am aware of the fact that I’m blessed to share love and care.’  

‘The most important thing in motivating people is communication. You have to be aware of their commitment, to know what they do on their ‘autopilot’ and what they want to create for themselves. Of course you meet resistance; people always have resistance, so did I. But I don’t focus on resistance, but on things people want to achieve. Every professional manager should be interested in this.’  ‘The participants in the Landmark Forum never join in based on what we say, but choose for themselves. And that’s always based on the recommendation of someone they rely on; a friend, a colleague or family member. Every company would be very jealous on the huge word of mouth promotion that we get. I myself was highly touched by what is achievable for people. That’s the very reason why I moved back from Germany – where I did the course – to Holland. ria-newspaper.bmpI wanted that this type of education would also be offered here. ’ ‘The Landmark Forum takes three days from 9 AM to 10 PM. I don’t find this very intense. Nowadays people tend to party late after a working day, that’s intense! This is a course, a survey in which you investigate who you are, and more important, who you have been. Most people are fitter after the training compared to when they start it.’  Golden tip ‘The most important issue on the work floor is not what you tell people, but which starting point you chose. When I approach the employee based on solidarity, they know that I want them to win and to be successful.’

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andrew says:

I did the forum jan 14,15,16 the tools I recieved are worth the money

Phil Volker says:

My wife Rebecca and I participated in the February 2011 Forum in Seattle, WA, USA. It was impressive to say the least. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. A large part of our program’s success was due to the vitality of our leader, Ria Bauhofer. She is something to see in action. Thank you Ria!

Tina says:

Ria is amazing! Her delivery is straight-forward and yet compassionate. If all of the Landmark leaders are of this caliber, I would recommend it to anyone.

Handoko says:

do you have regular schedules in the Netherlands? I would send my niece to your course if you let me know the contact address.
thank you

joey says:

I did the forum on january 13,14,15 Ria is AMAZING !

Michael Bryant says:

I have just completed the Landmark Forum, my daughter signed me up and a gift to me. It was the
the most wonderful and powerful gift I have ever recieved. Ria and all the participants provided an
incredible life and communicating education that is
my far the most knowledge I have ever had in any seminar or forum. Into use that moment as well. Thanks Everyone !

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