Instrument Drive Honors Jefferson Alum

A musical instrument drive for Jefferson Jr. High School has been created by John Katrenak in honor of his late son JD Katrenak, according to an article in Woodridge Patch, an Illinois news website. The article relates that Katrenak created the project out of his participation in a Landmark Education leadership program.

The instrument drive is taking place at the high school on March 12th, from 10am – 2pm, on what happens to be the first anniversary of JD Katrenak’s death. Katrenak was a trumpet player very active in Jefferson’s band and known for his giving nature and willingness to do extra work for the band.

“He was one of the most giving people when it came to time and helping out,” said Keith Carlson, band director at Jefferson. “It’s something that’s a rarity at the junior high level. He would stay after until the last thing was done, and then he’d head out. That continued through his high school years.”

His father says the instrument drive will honor his son’s passion for music and give less affluent young people a chance to have the same experiences. The drive will accept instruments as well as monetary donations to purchase or repair instruments. Checks can be sent to the Woodridge Organization of Music Parents, c/o Keith Carlson, at Jefferson Jr. High School, with ‘Joy of Music’ in the subject line.

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