I Love My City Brings Road Safety to School

I Love My City, the project created in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program by P.P. Singh to improve the quality of life in the Indian city of Faridibad, was responsible for a recent traffic safety presentation to 600 students at the Modern Vidya Niketan Aravali school.

I Love My City, whose efforts have previously been spotlighted here at Landmark Education News, brought in the joint commissioner of police to address safety issues with cars, bikes and while walking, discussing the importance of seat belts while in cars, helmets while biking, and careful road crossing while on foot.

The presentation began with videos of real crashes, as well as giving accident statistics. The father of a young man then spoke about his grief after his son died in a car accident. I Love My City founder Singh also spoke at the event, saying how the use of iPod headphones while biking, walking or driving is the latest trend that creates unsafe conditions.

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Great initiative. Incidentally my SELP (Self Expression and Leadership Program) is to create a Traffic Disciplined Chennai.

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