Goromonzi Project Educates Zimbabwe Orphans

Landmark Education News has received an update on a self-expression and leadership project created in 2005 called the Goromonzi project. Created by Janet Shaw, the project began out of her visit to the Goromonzi rural district of Zimbabwe in September of that year (Shaw grew up in Zimbabwe) when she met 17 destitute AIDS orphans there. She found sponsors to pay the school tuitions for the 17 children, and the project took off from there.

goromonziSince 2005, the Goromonzi Project has adapated to changing conditions, navigating the country’s challenging political climate to find the most effective ways to aid orphans and other vulnerable children in Zimbabwe. The project makes a difference by creating preschool programs for these vulnerable children, which includes supplemental meals, health care, teacher training, school renovations, and more. Each program takes care of 60 orphans or endangered children.

As a result of this work, Goromonzi program director Patrick Makokoro reports that the Mukombami preschool has opened at an event attended by 350 people.  Makokoro also reports that attendance has jumped by 35% at three different preschools where Goromonzi has completed upgrades. More recently, a three day training program was completed for 30 preschool teachers in August. Training sessions have also begun to allow all preschool children to get monthly checkups at local clinics.

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This is amazing–i am touched moved and inspired!!

Janet Shaw says:

How wonderful to be acknowledged in this article! I love running the project and raising funds for the orphans and vulnerable children. Talk about living life fully and living an adventurous life! Our project director in Zimbabwe, Patrick Makokoro, took the Landmark Forum in Cape Town earlier this year and the distinction of “abundance” is now present in every communication we have. We’re both committed to having another Landmark Forum happen in Zimbabwe – the last one was back in the ’90s. We’ve worked out a location where it can be held and there are plenty of people who want to take it, including Patrick’s new wife. All we need now is a Landmark Forum leader and the $ to make it happen.

Netsai says:

I am seeking educational finance assistance for my sister’s children. Their parents passed away. I am employed with little income to send them to school. Please help

Enet says:

I’m one of the people who are being helped by this organization,they have been helping me to accomplish my Advanced level now lm in my third year at Chinhoyi University l really appreciate their support and care.I pray for progress upon this project because someone who educates is worth to be honoured,with education life will not be the same again

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