Goldberg Jumpstarts Global Green Expo

global-green.jpgThe PSEG (Public Service Electric & Gas) Global Green Expo was a Landmark event of its kind: Over 12,000 people came to the Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey, on a spring weekend to explore how smart, everyday decisions to live greener can make a difference, save consumers money and helping to keep the environment stable for future generations. Mayors, legislators, both New Jersey senators and Governor Jon Corzine attended alongside celebrity speakers such as Kevin Bacon, Ted Danson, Ed Begley Jr., Jeff Corwin and Deirdre Imus to make the event happen.

New Jersey resident Rich Goldberg didn’t start the event, but without him it would never have happened the way it did. According to Goldberg, he used the ideas he received out of Landmark Education programs to dynamically cause PSEG to jump aboard as the lead sponsor.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger, which is the state’s largest newspaper and a leading contributor in making the event happen as well as being Goldberg’s employer, wrote about Goldberg’s contribution in its special “Ledger Links” section, excerpts of which appear here:The crowning touch was Rich Goldberg’s inspired sales call with his client, PSEG.

Rich saw the path to take this event to a whole new level with a client that ‘walked the talk’ of the environmental movement. He perceived immediately how PSEG would benefit from partnering on this event, and he persevered through numerous meetings until a three-year title sponsorship/partnership was secured. Rich’s development of the PSEG funding made possible the all-star line-up of keynote speakers that made Global Green a MEGA-EVENT. Rich also participated every step of the way in developing the event plan and at the event itself, making sure that PSEG’s investment paid off.This critical funding, and additional major sponsorships developed by Jeff Horn (Prudential Insurance), Andrea Dove (The Office of Clean Energy) and other Star-Ledger account executives, enabled us to also present New Jersey’s most complete Earth Day event.

Global Green’s 100+ exhibitors offered an eclectic array of environmentally friendly products, ranging from an ecofriendly lawnmower (no emissions or noise!) to organic cleaning products and veggie-derived candies. There were electric cars and other energy efficient vehicles, demonstrations on organic cooking and composting, and even a family band whose sound system was powered by a stationary bike. The slogan of the Expo was “Saving the Planet One Person at a Time.” The three-day event was the start of a continuing 365-day-a-year campaign to raise awareness and have New Jersey at the forefront of the environmental movement.The Global Green Expo for 2009, to be held April 3-5, looks to be even bigger.

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D. Davis says:

Kudos to Rich Goldberg. However, this article loses some meaning for me since I have no idea what PSEG stands for. These initials were used six different times in the article—The organization seems to be of importance—not only as a lead sponsor of the event, but in that it was a breakthough to have Rich bring them on board. Please dont’ forget to consider your readership when sharing good news such as this.

rich goldberg says:

The correct date for the 2009 event is April 3-5.

Sharon Marcus says:

Magnificent… Rich,your commitment to “A Green Planet” is inspiring. Thanks for helping to educate and inform so many. Through the distinctions of Landmark Education you are impacting the world, especially, New Jersy. . Thanks again for helping to take care of GOD’S Earth and being a forerunner in New Jersey. DON’T STOP…YOU ARE THE ONE!!!!!

Chad James says:

ATTN: D. Davis

It spells out what PSE&G stands for in the first sentence(Public Service Electric & Gas). Great Job Rich!! Congratulations!!!!

Imani Laners says:

This is EXCELLENT! A new leader in the making!!! Much more success to follow!

Ed Kmetz says:


Well done!


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