Give me the Words Aids Guatemalans

Mars Tanumihardja used his participation in Landmark Education's Self-Expression and Leadership program to create a benefit concert to raise funds for some of the poorest people in central America. Tanumihardja arranged for the concert to be held at the Newman Center at the University of Washington, where he is the head of the music ministry. More than $10,000 was raised for the project, which Mars named "Give me the Words", because the money raised went towards teaching children in the garbage dump community of Guatemala City to learn how to speak English. Here is some footage from the concert:

The organization that the concert raised money for is named Safe Passage. Their newly created English program allows helps to break the cycle of poverty in the community, since English fluency is an extremely important skill towards future success in Guatemala. The money raised by Tanumihardja and the ministry went directly towards textbooks, supplies, teacher salaries and other essentials needed to make this happen. 

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