Friendship Heart Community Mural Project

The Aussie & the Fox was a popular restaurant in Lancaster Pennsylvania with a close connection to their local community. When it closed, owners Colin Morell (a native of Australia) and his wife, Julia Garber (a native of Lancaster) were looking for a way to contribute and stay connected with their community.

Colin created a project in the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program called Friendship Heart Community Mural which gave adults with disabilities a chance at artistic self expression.

This inspiring video tells the story.

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Karen Steinberg-Lewis says:

This is awesome and inspiring. Thank you for being a presence in this world

WOW… SO powerful. Way to live your declaration and enroll others in your having gotten; by giving them a platform for their own full self-expression. I’m touched, moved and inspired – and I also happen to be from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Thank you for “shocking” me into reality. I am so grateful I saw this today… jake

Francisco H. Valdillez says:

Please continue to keep me updated with landmark information , news , and events . Really enjoy this message ..

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