Foundation Supports Underprivileged Students

shri 2by Asmita Kothari

Vasundhara Talware pursued the Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program to create her project called Saraswati. Her ultimate objective was to impact the lives of underprivileged school kids and empower them to lead a powerful life. She catered to five schools within two months of her course. She has been dedicated to educating children by holding workshops and providing them with practical knowledge and basic amenities in order to make them feel at par with the other urban students.

She ran a donation drive by collecting and donating used toys and books for 1,265 kids from around Mumbai and Nashik in India with the help of a few volunteers – Barkha, Rupali, Pooja, Aanchal, Suraj, Manjari, Shilpa as well as Anuj. She catered to schools like, New English School in the interiors of Igatpuri, in Wadivare village, Sawarpada school in Sawarpada village, Thanapada Adiwasi school and Vitthalrao Patwardhar Utkarsh Aashram school in Waghere Village, and a tribal school in Trimbakeshwar, with the support of a few NGOs, namely Tarang Life Care and Making A Difference.

shri 3She believes that education is the most important factor in making or breaking a person’s life. Vasundhara also sees how education is holistic, uplifting as well as enlightening – she is very passionate about learning in all forms. She notes that lack of education also broadens the difference between the rich and the poor.

Her future target is to run more donation drives and contribute to many schools by catering to their basic amenities, infrastructural requirements, curating workshops, providing practical knowledge as well as addressing their other requirements. She says the Landmark’s courses changed her life and taught her that “Life is happening right now!”

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