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Landmark and The Landmark Forum have been reviewed many times by major media outlets. Read more below.


The Guardian – December 13, 2003

I thought I’d be brainwashed. But how wrong could I be...  by Amelia Hill

I don’t do epiphanies. I don’t make leaps of faith or have life-transforming realisations and I have never experienced anything even remotely resembling a breakthrough.

I have never read a self-help book and consider myself immune to out-of-body experiences. Meditation bores me and the few times I tried yoga, I ended up inexplicably angry.

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The Irish Mail on Sunday – Sunday, February 18, 2012

One Weekend to fix your LIFE?  by Nikki Walsh

It is a Friday morning in a hotel in Dublin. More than 150 people have gathered to attend a course, known as the Landmark Forum. A man, the forum leader, stands up and asks if there is anyone in the room who would like to talk about their life……
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Time Magazine – April 10, 2011

Change We Can (Almost) Believe In by Nathan Thornburgh

The seminar I attended, held over a long weekend in the basement of Landmark’s center in midtown Manhattan, was led by a slight, silver-haired former Air Force pilot named Roger Smith.

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New York Times – November 26, 2010

You’re O.K., but I’m Not. Let’s Share. by Henry Alford

IF, like me, you are not in the habit of sharing highly personal tidbits of your life with 148 strangers for 13 hours a day, three days in a row, then let me, uh, share with you what that experience feels like.

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