Empowering Girls and Bolstering Self-Esteem: A Beautiful You, Exploring Inside Out

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Claudia Virga is on a mission to end the fighting and low self-esteem prevelant among some girls, having launched an initiative to bolster self-esteem and empower them in their lives as her project in taking Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. Virga held an event titled “A Beautiful You, Exploring Inside Out’ on January 25, a one-day conference which was dedicated to helping Middle School Girls deal with problems and fears and empower them in their dreams.

“It’s my personal mission to change how girls think,” Virga states in the article.

A wide range of speakers and peer mentors assisted the girls at the event, from successful entrepreneurs to nutrition experts, writers, judges and many more – the program had 30 volunteers and a wide range of sponsors.

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