Draw The World Together Unites the Comic Book Artist Community on Behalf of Children Charity

dwt4.jpgAndrew Wildman just recently returned from Comicon International  Convention in San Diego. He is the founder of Draw The World Together, a project created to unite the  arts communities in providing possibilities for children who live in communities where they do not have the opportunity for basic healthcare and education.

Draw The World Together was created by Andrew while a participant in the Landmark Self- Expression and Leadership Program. As a comic book artist, Andrew wanted to find a way to allow this community to express it’s generosity.

Its first project was to enroll comic book artists from around the world in the idea of donating a piece of artwork. These pieces of artwork were auctioned to raise money for the work being done by the charity EveryChild in Cambodia. Contributors to the project included artists David Lloyd, the creator of V for Vendetta (which was turned into a major motion picture by Warner Brothers), Dave Gibbons who has worked on The Watchman and 2000AD and Bryan Talbot the ‘godfather’ of British underground comics who is also known for his work on 2000AD.dwt1.jpg

Andrew says, “As communities we are powerful. As a comic book community I feel that there is a potential to make a difference. To make a difference to those children in the world who do not have the opportunity to complete the basic education that would enable them to enjoy the books and comics that so inspired us as children, those books and comics that take us into new worlds of fun and adventure. Adventures that express the enormous potential we have as people to be powerful and cooperative within our communities.”

Because of a  relationship with computer games giant NCsoft, Draw The World Together is able to appear at comic and games conventions and exhibitions in both the UK and Europe. Events have so far been held in England, Denmark and Greece with events scheduled for America and Holland.

All the money raised at these events goes to help fund the work of the children’s charity EveryChild and their work in both Cambodia and India.

As well as these amazing live sketching sessions they have held online auctions of art from some of the industries top creators.

EveryChild is an international development charity that works with the most vulnerable and marginalised children in many of the world’s poorest countries. Millions of children in the developing world never experience a childhood because their families economic situations require them to work as early as 5 years old. EveryChild is committed to enable them to grow up free from disease, poverty and exploitation as valued individuals within strong communities.

dwt3.jpgIt is the intention of Draw the World Together to move beyond the original auction of comic art and create similar auctions and projects in other related industries including Animation, Computer Games and Children’s Book Illustration.

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miranilini says:

Great post!
Very good work done by all the comic artist for the charity and for that children who never went to school because their financial condition is worst and they have to work from their childhood.
kids story books

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