Dallas Landmark Forum Graduate ‘Brimming with Love’: Creates Hats for Chemotherapy Patients

October 29, 2007

Dallas graduate LaurLaura Griffina Griffin came up with a unique and moving project during her participation in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership program: She created a team of people that sews and knits hats for people undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Where did she come up with the idea? “I stole it!” She happily admits. After hearing about a similar program, she called local hospitals and asked if it was something that could work for them. When hospitals responded enthusiastically, she began to build a team of volunteers and organizations that have transformed the idea into reality, with hats now being knitted and sewn by a variety of different girl scout groups and independent volunteers.

Local companies now donate fabric and hats, and contribute volunteers to the effort. Her organization, Brimming with Love, now makes hats for nine different hospitals across the Dallas Metro area, and is looking to expand to more as resources allow.

To be inspired or get involved, check out the Brimming with Love website!


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