If you or someone you know has a story, news item or video about a project that has been created by a Landmark graduate please let us know about it.

Notify us directly at [email protected].


Sanjeev Gupta says:

Myself & my wife completed th eforum om 20/7/10.
I m Bachler in Technology from Birla Institute of Technoly & Science-Pilani, Rajasthan, India. I have worked with Shriram Pistons, Hero Honda Motors & Escorts/ Yamaha Motor India in Quality Control Department.
Since got married with a well educated & a Govt Employee teacher ,in 1993, our life was going in a very very bad manners. No understanding, all the times fighting on silly issues, not ready to share the things, even in front of our kids , relatives & friends.

Now I m doing business with Max New York Life Insurance Co & this also resulted a point of great dispute for my wife.

After doing the forum we both have been tranformed to live like a new couple.

Every one must do the forum, irrespective of the problems are there or not. This is place where every one can get what ever he/ she want to create/make the life.

Sanjeev Gupta says:

If any wish to ask me any thing, at any point of time about what is Landmark Education or what we got from the forum is most welcome.

My comments:
Nothing to say anything
Only to do it
to creat & get anything in life

Er. Sanjeev Gupta
09311207547 (Delhi, India)

Shivani Pathak Singh says:

I am currently in muscat, oman. I would like to attend the course …r u planning to have anything arranged in muscat???

Darren Starr says:

Guys, I’d really like it if you could simply add an RSS feed to this site so I can browse updates in my own time off my various devices or at the very least let me sign up to email notifications.
Could someone sort that please?
It should be relatively straight forward being as you’re using wordpress 😀 Thanks!

I went to the Landmark Forum because my previous company, lululemon, paid for it. Now it’s 3 years later and my fiance attended this weekend and his Tuesday evening was last night. The first person he sat next to on Friday was a family member of Chip Wilson, the founder of lululemon. What a small world, the two strangers sitting next to each other were there because of the same amazing person. Last night, his daughter registered, so the love and possibility just keeps spreading!

Los Angeles — April 11th 2011

Ellen Snortland, veteran Landmark graduate and booster, wrote a Pulitzer Prize nominated solo show which has now been invited to the world-famous International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her play, “Now That She’s Gone,” is what she calls a “human rights love-letter to my mother.” Prevalent in her prose is the transformation she experienced in Landmark Education programs. As a matter of fact, at least 12 people that Ellen knows of have registered for the Forum after seeing her show.

Ellen says, “‘Now That She’s Gone’ is an artistic child of the Wisdom Course, since it’s really my Wisdom Course homework set to music and delivered with jokes.”

Interwoven throughout “Now That She’s Gone” are the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). During her Self-Expression and Leadership program, Ms. Snortland made it her project to incorporate the UDHR into artistic endevours, one of which became her play.

“My mother shared the 30 articles of the UDHR with me when I was 10. I thought EVERYONE knew what they are, but I was mistaken. People say ‘human rights’ and don’t know about the UDHR. So I set out to educate audiences while entertaining them,” Snortland says.

People who have seen “Now That She’s Gone” are amazed at its sweep and scope. Set against the backdrop of history since the turn of the 20th century, Ellen captures the stories of her mother’s and her own life, which initially appear as complete opposites.

“My mother could NEVER have predicted my life, and barely understood it… yet she completely was a stand for how I turned out. She was born in a sod and log cabin; nonetheless, she raised me to be mindful and to stand for larger ideas than my own small life. She really wanted me to be as much like Eleanor Roosevelt as possible. While it’s true that I’m not a Roosevelt,” Snortland jokes, “with a last name like mine I better be good!”

The reality of Edinburgh is such that she and her husband, Ken Gruberman, experienced sticker shock when they realized how much they’d have to raise in sponsorship for their non-profit project. “It feels like I’ve been in theater forever. I starred in Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ with Ted Danson, and I know theater has got to be subsidized one way or another,” Snortland says. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the most highly regarded of all theater festivals and a perfect place to share what Snortland has coined “enroll-tainment,” a combination of entertainment and enrolling the audience into action on those things that matter to them. So Ellen and Ken are volunteering their time and raising enough money to cover venue, promotion,and other expenses.

Ken, a six-time Grammy winner, is the sound designer and production coordinator for “Now That She’s Gone.” He says, “I figured, if I can successfully work with Ray Charles on his last album “Genius Loves Company,” or with John Williams on “Amistad,” I had a fair shot at doing well on Ellen’s play.” He also is fond of saying, “I liked Ellen’s play so much I married her!” That’s true. He continues, “The 2nd date I ever had with Ellen, I saw her show. It’s kind of like, you either fall in love with her or run screaming from her, she’s so fully self-expressed. Fortunately I experienced the former.”

Event Location:
The Baillie Theater inside The Assembly Rooms
54 George Street
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 2LR

Event Dates:
August 5th through August 29th
4:15 pm

Event Page: http://www.

Contact Ellen and Ken through or visit the NTSG Kickstarter page at by April 25, if you want to “kick” a few bucks into the project.

Questions? Contact:

Ellen Snortland
[email protected]

2450 N. Lake Avenue #112
Altadena, CA 91001-2442
United States
Phone: 626-798-8421


I would like to know if you have an Official Facebook site? There are folks I would love to find, and thought perhaps they might connect via FB? Seems that has been the common denominator!

Jan Taddeo says:

In 2000 I began working with a personal life coach. She encouraged me to participate in the Landmark Forum … so in January 2001, off I went. My life has not been the same since!

I had a good life before 2001, but I felt a yearning deep inside … something nudging me that I could have a GREAT life, and I could be doing more to contribute to creating a more loving and just world. For many years I felt a call to ministry, but I had not gone to college, had a young son, and the challenges related to going back to get my undergraduate degree and then my master’s degree seemed insurmountable. After going to the Landmark Forum, and then the Advanced Course, I saw through those challenges to the source of what was truly holding me back. In September 2001 I went back to school. I did not think I could be a good student, or that I would have the time or money to make this happen, but I overcame all of that. I graduated with honors from both my undergraduate program and my master’s program. I was blessed by a very supportive spouse who assisted me in achieving these goals debt-free.

On May 1, 2011, I was ordained into the Unitarian Universalist Ministry. I will begin serving a congregation in the Atlanta suburbs in August 2011. During my ministerial formation I have focused my education and practicum to develop skills in interfaith action and dialogue, and learning effective ways to address issues of racism and oppression in a multicultural world. Now I will be putting this education into action.

As a minister, I am committed to walking with people as they seek greater wholeness for themselves and the world, and learn ways to live their beliefs and their faith in ways that serve the greater good. Ten years from now I expect I will have much more to report!

As a Landmark Forum graduate I have benefited from the Self-Expression and Leadership Course, both Communication Courses, and the Wisdom Course. I could not have achieved so much these past ten years without this education. I know that I am a better person, and able to serve the greater good, because of Landmark Education.

I took the Landmark Forum in May in New York City and at that point in time felt I had made some major breakthroughs. As the time passes, they are disappearing on me and I need to connect to others to share my feelings. Is this possible? Do you have such a thing as a Landmark friend exchange?

Gururaj says:

Hi guys
I am looking cost accountants landmark graduates in bangalore.
If any pls contact me.

Adonay Rivera says:

I’m from Honduras 27 years old, I live in Los Angeles CA ,I did the Landmark forum in Spanish . Thank you Landmark Educational

It was during my Self-Expression & Leadership Program that I first got in action volunteering. I, like so many others, had wanted to do something to give back but wasn’t taking action. Thanks to the breakthroughs in the SELP, I got in action and have now published a book that shares the stories of others who have taken their desires to do good out of their heads and on to the courts of their lives.

You can find (and share) videos on my website and here on youtube:

Did you know that San Diego LM graduates can now sign up to learn more about singles events in the San Diego area? We also have a twitter account at!/LandmarkSingles.

If you are an interested graduate, complete this survey and we will notify you of upcoming singles events in San Diego:

We also post event notices on the Landmark Singles Facebook page at!/groups/125996040778686/.

I hope you’ll join us to create an awesome, fun, and inspiring group of graduates to meet the person of your dreams.

I originally did the Landmark Forum in San Francisco in 1987 and I credit it with changing my career, goals, and personal relationships. Somewhere along the way I stopped creating possibilities and never got involved beyond the Forum and a couple of courses.

Fast forward to 2010 when I realized that I was killing myself off with allergies and other issues. I couldn’t breath, my life was not fun, and my certain future was not a happy one. I called the center one day and said “I need a class. I don’t care what it is, whatever it is will be perfect.” And of course it was perfect. It was SELP. I am now about to release a second book, “Death of Dirty Angels,” a Seattle-based police procedural mystery at the end of October 2011.

Fast forward again to today. I have been living in my possibilities and life is more awesome every day. I wrote a book, “Adventures with Ambien and Other Adventures” that I self-published and is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace in Kindle and paperback. In it I credit Landmark in it as a major force in my completing that book. You can check out my YouTube commercial for the book at It’s pretty funny and so is my book.

For my SELP project, I selected a community of homeless and those re-entering society after serving prison time. I partnered with an organization called Second Chance ( in San Diego. Tomorrow I begin participating in a 1-day class for women who want to turn their lives around and leave crime and drug abuse behind. I intend to show them possibilities in their own lives that are available to them and to introduce them to Landmark.

One area I wanted to make a difference in for myself and other graduates in San Diego is to create new ways to meet LM graduates so they can get to know other like-minded singles for fun and ultimately creating awesome relationships. I started the Twitter group for Landmark Singles (@LandmarkSingles) and a place in Survey Monkey for people to use to sign up to receive information and communicate how they want to be involved:

I have been on fire. I am researching a new business idea and I am about to start ILP in two weeks and can’t wait to see how many areas I will be living a transformed life in after completing it. My desire is to touch, move, and inspire others by my actions, words, and efforts. I want to be a contribution to others using Landmark as my vehicle. I love having coaches available to help me by just picking up the phone and calling the center. If I say I need to practice something, the help is a phone call away. I’ve met new friends in Landmark by just saying what I want. These things are available to all of us if we ask for them.

I am a total fan of Landmark. I live my life with the words “Resistance is futile” and “What resists persists” and I listen and I learn every day of new ways to relate to others.

I hope you’ll check out the links I’ve added to this message and join me in shaking up San Diego and then the world!


Lin Laurie

The For Love & Art Project brings the art experience to seniors, the infirm, those with end-of-life issues, and other folks with limited mobility. We are committed that people embrace beauty, joy, and the magic of life through the power of art!

We do this by working in partnership with nine major museums and downloading images of their collections onto digital photo books (ArtBooks). These ArtBooks are then donated to hospitals, hospices, retirement communities, and similar venues.

For Love & Art started as a project in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program. Participating museums include The Met, The AIC, The DMA, The Kimbell, The Amon Carter, The Meadows at SMU, The Getty, The Phillips Collection, and The National Gallery of Art. Each ArtBook contains about 1,000 vivid images of human genius.

In about 10 months, we’ve placed about 50 ArtBooks nationally, and are working with the Veterans Administration to place up to 1,000 additional units in their medical centers. Also, we got our first international order to benefit a hospital in…Sierra Leone, West Africa!

We invite you to participate in our project by visiting our website and consider becoming a Docent. Join us in our mission to bring Monet – and the art experience – to gladden the human heart!

emily sharp says:

I have a project that I would like to share with you but I’m not finding where I’m supposed to post it? Help! 😉

emily sharp says:

I would like to tell you about a project I’ve created called “Who Let the Dogs In?” The purpose is to take rescue dogs (including foster dogs) into nursing homes for visits to the residents to enliven them, spread joy, love, appreciation and happiness to the residents, employees, volunteers … the list goes on. It’s about creating a space for people and animals to feel loved, validated, truly appreciated and cared about. My vision is to see this beautiful project spread throughout our community. I welcome interested, enthusiastic participants who can bring new, creative ideas to be incorporated into the project.
This project was born from a course that I’m currently taking through Landmark Education (Dallas, TX). They provide personal effectiveness training programs for individuals and businesses. I am enrolled as an individual. Part of the leadership course I’m taking asks that you take on a project that impacts your community. This course has allowed me to act in the face of fear and to not let anything stand in the way of challenge and opportunity. Being involved in my community in this way has absolutely changed my life for the better. Because I have always loved animals (grew up with dogs) and have a soft spot for elderly people who may not get the loving attention they deserve (I was very close to my grandparents, Papa & Izzy, who also loved animals and treated them like royalty), I came up with a project that combines my two loves. It’s a win-win situation.
Who Let The Dogs In? has already taken dogs (4 labrador retrievers) into four (4) Tulsa nursing/assisted living residences. Our first visit was July 30, 2011. The response has been absolutely amazing!! We’ve enthusiastically been invited back to every home we’ve visited and have been requested to become visitors on a regular basis. We are thrilled! I have video footage of our visits and the reactions from the residents, employees, and visitors often brings tears to my eyes. I’m so grateful to be a part of making a difference in the lives of these people.
I am ecstatic about this project and the possibilities it opens up for our community. I know that with the help of the media, this project can grow and include countless people and animals who would jump at the opportunity to participate. Thank you!

Emily Sharp

I completed the full curriculum back in 2003. My SLP project was to reengage the community with my Theatre Company. This is the announcement for the show I am producing for my 11th Season producing theatre. Thanks

Kaleidoscope Theatre Ensemble
“Entertaining the World – One Play at a Time”
Written by Naomi Claire Wallace
Directed by Glen S. Jimenez

Play Description: Have you ever thought about what the characters in Shakespeare’s plays such as Macbeth, Hamlet and King Lear would think about their writer? Madman William calls into question whether Shakespeare’s dreams inspired his work, or whether his work inspired his dreams. It is a hilarious insight into what the characters might think about their maker. It takes place in a modern London pub where Hamlet, Macbeth and Lear are trying to escape their never-ending timelessness by running away. But can they leave their plays? They find it hard enough to leave the pub! And when Shakespeare himself arrives… Where might the dream end … and the play begin?

DATES: August 11 – Sept 18, 2011

Performance Schedule:
Thursdays, 8/11, 8/18, 8/25, at 8:00 pm
Fridays, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26, 9/2, 9/9, 9/16 at 8:00 pm
Saturdays, 8/13, 8/20, 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17 at 8:00 pm
Sundays, 9/4, 9/11, 9/18 at 2:00 pm

General Admission: $14
Seniors / Students / Military: $12


LOCATION: The Lounge Theatre, 6201 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038.
Street parking / Meters are available. Meters are free after 7 p.m. and all day on Sundays.

Note: There is no Late Seating, Repeat, No Late Seating.

Sonia F Stevens says:

I completed the forum in 2006, through Sydney office. I have given my time to assist on various courses and programs through out the years. I have found that by assisting you gain more by empowering inspiring others.
Involving others is creating a world which is open and has integrety with all things is valuable.

Adrianne Castaneda says:

Hello Everyone! I am doing my SELP project and would appreciate your support:

“LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE COMEDY NIGHT”- All Proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association for my “Walk to End Alzheimer’s”

Saturday, Nov. 5th from 7-9pm (DOORS OPEN AT 6:30)
Rocks, 26022 Cape Drive, Laguna Niguel, CA
$10/per person at the door

Bringing people together through laughter and hope in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. Together, we can reach a day when Alzheimer’s is but a memory! Hope to see you on Saturday, Nov. 5 at 7pm for a night of laughs! 🙂

Hi, I have been participating in Landmark programs for 28 years and my husband for 25 years. We will both be doing the Self Expression and Leadership program together this winter. We are in the early planning stages of a project that should occupy the next 25 years of our lives. We are going to building a green, smart, accessible retirement home in New Mexico that will eventually become a demonstration and teaching center for sustainable, smart living. We hope to employ dozens if not hundreds of different smart and sustainable technologies as well as features for universal accessibility. This will allow us to hold conferences, teach classes, do free demonstrations for youth groups and run a green bed and breakfast in our own home. Our ultimate intent is to become the world’s leading provider of hands-on instruction in sustainable, smart building. We are planning to use our participation in the SELP to rocket propel our project to the next level. Thanks, Judy T.

Adriana Smith says:

I first completed my Landmark Forum in January, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. I did my Advanced Course directly afterwards and then did the Forum in Action seminar series. I did the Forum and Forum in Action seminar again in January of this year, but still did not fully experience ‘extraordinary’.
My partner and I (he did the Forum in March) are currently in Belize working with the Cornerstone Foundation for three months. We gave up our rental townhouse and gave away most of our possessions to our grown kids. We gathered donations and came down here to help. Belize is a very beautiful and very sick country and we are called upon to use the Landmark education and distinctions at every moment. We are making a difference and we are extraordinary.

Easter says:

Am a young lady who wish to pursue a political seat “Women representative” in Homa Bay county and I do not have money for campaigns. Am sure of getting this seat through thorough campaigns. How can you help me achieve my goal? Are you able to help me financially? If yes? How can I connect direct to you?

Vijay Suryanarayana says:

Event: Building social awareness via “Self Expression and Leadership Program” projects exhibition.
Date: Dec 4, 2011 10:00 AM onwards
Venue: Jaaga, Jaaga, No 68, KH Double Road Opp. Corporation Bank Next to the K H Road Bus Stand, Bangalore, India

Priyanka Shylendra blogs….
We are a group of 34 people, with project ideas impacting our daily life, which have been initiated through a program of the Landmark Education (Landmark Education is a global educational enterprise committed to the fundamental principle that people have the possibility of success, fulfillment, and greatness). The projects range from Aaadhar Cards for the Transgender Community, Weekly Dance Classe…s at Work Place, Child abuse Awareness, Insurance for House-help and Casual Labourers to Organ donation option on the Driving License.

While some of these projects have already taken off, some are yet at the nascent stage. The exhibition aims at providing these projects a platform to reach out to the community and garner media support. This would leverage a transformation in more than 34 communities directly, and many others indirectly.

Some of the older projects from this program include the Tatkal booking scheme for Railway bookings, Bus Day celebrated in Bangalore, time-counters at traffic signals and Medical facilities for long-journey trains in India, which are projects that have changed the way we live and perceive public life.

Looking forward to meet you all ….. You will be fascinated when you walk out……

Billy Whitehouse says:

What is the possibility of having a Facebook Share button added to the pages?

I’m currently in the Self Expression and Leadership Program in Minnesota and I’m launching my/our project: the Kindness Challenge – Warm the world in 31 Days through 1,000,000 Acts of Kindness. The Challenge will take place in January, 2012. The goal is to shift the world through the momentum built during that month. It’s amazing to see how many people are already being touched by the project. Join us in our challenge. Change your life and change the world.

Judy Kory says:

I am going to forward this issue to my graduate son in Jerusalem, and my grad friend in L.A. How do they subscribe for themselves?

Your private comment form does not show up in my Safari browser. Need to know how to suggest an SELP project for story from someone in indiana. She has a great project around stopping human trafficking and the Superbowl –

The link I posted is a video the Northeast Ohio community made when we found out that our seminar participation was dangerously low. We talked about what the seminar program means to us, and what we’ve gotten out of it. It was designed to reach graduates who haven’t participated in a while. After a concerted effort (including this video!) we’re back with a thriving seminar!


hyi everybody i did my forum on january 2012 and completed advance course in feb first week , i was living living satisfied and happy life before joining landmark but after the course i am living excellent family life,,,,now i have a dozens of tools to tight my loose screws every daily…i got my self changed….my family life and business life is in the heights of sky ….thanks landmark…

Ken Downes says:

I would like to invite everyone around the planet to join my SELP project on April 7, 2012 the project, the Worldwide Hunger Project, hosts the "Largest Garage Sale Event on the Planet" to raise funds for Humanity in Unity's "Just One Hunger Initiative" that feds children in the slums of Varanasi, India and others in need in Allahabad, India. Visit our website at where you'll find information on the event as well as videos, photo's, flyers and other items from our garage sale toolkit. I'm in Denver and we currently have events planned in several countries including Belgium, Quebec, Canada, Boston, Albany, Raleigh, Denver, Colorado Springs, Austin, Wichita, and Santa Fe.  We are trying to join hearts in our global community to take a stand that the hunger problem as it exists today is unacceptable. The volume of the problem in India is astounding where 247 million people and 43% of the children under 5 years old are undernourished. Thanks for all you do! 

Jack Jobe says:

15 days after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, as I watched the rescue of “Miracle Girl” Darlene Etienne, I had a Vision of a new personal tool. This forced me into learning and teaching ‘basic survival’ skills.

Next – National Geographic Channel’s “Doomsday Preppers” (S1E9) selected my story & it begins airing ‘our episode’ (both my wife & I are ‘est’ & Forum graduates) on April 3rd.

While this show about ‘crazy people’ seems a strange platform to teach from, it is a large audience. As an Emmy-nominated Photojournalist, I ‘fought’ Reality TV because it isn’t. Our segment was about half ‘real’ but I took that ‘dramatization’ part as seriously.

I promise to help you laugh and learn. I’ve challenged the “Preppers” to count how many actual, basic survival concepts I squeezed in around the BS.

This “Free Publicity” will bring me to the ‘public stage’. IF this is my 15 minutes of fame, then I’m full of crap. IF I am living from my Vision, then you will witness how powerful this EDC (Every Day Carry) tool is and Why I Believe it will save 1000s of lives in our future.

I look forward to serving Humanity in my own crazy way. And, that scares me. What if I blow this stunning opportunity? What if I embarrass my family because “the jerk” still comes out in me too often? Such is the price of fame BUT the risk ……

The Risk vs the Reward. My tool is about Cooperation. People can combine ‘my tools’ together to form even larger devices. The Reward is ‘to encourage Humans to work together’. That is worth the risk. That trumps my selfish fear of embarrassment. What are you willing to risk to accelerate your results?

Be Honest, Be Excellent & Walk About Prepared™

charles AB says:

I watch a program of Kathleen Gibbs on TV3 today and was touch by the work joy to the world is doing. I will like to seek support from you for the poor struggling women in my community, Asamankese in West Akim Municipality. As I see young and adult single women parents caring, feeding, fending and educating their children and the hardship and difficulty they go through before they make ends meet has been a worry to me. it is my wish to contact any NGO to support these women to have some relief and enjoy some comfort. Iwill like to seek for your support for them. I am a mathematics teacher at Asamankese Senior High School. mobile numbers . 0243412034, 0209996701


Do you have any network in Mumbai. would like to attend your course.



Taylor says:

This site is really out of integrity unfortunately! It looks cluttered – its unclear how to respond – the responses are just piling up here. The main graphic is low-res. This doesn’t represent what this work is about.

For people looking here in the future, scroll to the bottom to leave a reply. There’s no email included to message. And if you have an issue with this site, contact your local Landmark Education office and see what’s possible to share your stories.

Beth Baras says:

I just completed the Landmark Forum, have signed up for the Advanced LF, and will sign up for the Access to Power and Power to Create. Since completing the LF I have taken tons of action to empower even more deeply the commitment I have to having my website:, a website dedicated to creating solutions and communication between animals, humans and Nature make a huge difference in the world. I am looking for others interested in this work (rescue animals, animals in captivity, animals needing help transitioning to death, animals in movies or tv….) who wish to share links, receive help with problems with their animals, large rescue efforts for mammals and animals or healing. My vision is to bring this to the world in a BIG way that makes a huge impact in how humans live in better harmony with the animals and Nature around them. If you would like to link or help support me in my efforts please go to and send me an email. I am also looking to create a steady source of income that will take care of all of my financial needs while this vision is being fulfilled. With Love and Gratitude, Beth Baras, MEd, BS Ed, Intuitive Animal Communicator and Healer!

Todd Pressman says:

Hello, I have a question and this was the only place I could think to ask it. My wife and I (both Landmark graduates) would like to host a gathering or gatherings for Landmark graduates in our area. What’s the best way to get the word out? If this isn’t the right venue for asking this question, can you please help direct us?

Thanks much,

Todd Pressman

Billy Sahm says:

A friend sent me this. I’m an OLD graduate.
\How do I subscribe? (I don’t see anywhere to do it (I’m not on FaceBook or any networking sites.)

love, Billy

We would like to share Landmark with people on our Twitter feed. Is there an RSS feed that we can link up to that would allow this?

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