Conference for Global Transformation

Landmark Education’s Conference for Global Transformation took place on May 20-22, in Burlingame, California, outside of San Francisco. Themed ‘Fulfilling a New Reality: What Does It Take?’, the event featured a presentation from Landmark Education CEO Harry Rosenberg. The keynote address came from Chicago scientist Phyllis Bowen titled ‘Shifting the Ground: Functional Foods for Health‘, which explored what it took to launch a conversation for functional foods and research backed healthy diets out into the world.

Another presentation showcased Jeffrey Ford’s CFGT11 State of the World Scorecard, which looks at everything from economic growth, political freedom, personal and job satisfaction, and the environment.¬†

The next Conference for Global Transformation will be held May 18-20, 2012 in Burlingame, and will feature the theme ‘Expanding New Realities – Engaging the World’, and will look at what’s necessary to have visions for a new¬†reality get into the conversations and discourses around the world.

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Was the conference videotaped? Will it be possible to view it?

Jodi says:

When will registration for the 2012 Global Conference be open?

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