Change A Million Lightbulbs: An Australian Self Expression and Leadership Project


Everyone at some point has been approached by a smiling kid selling candy bars to raise money for their school or sports team. Most people find these kids and the opportunity to support their endeavors difficult to resist. In fact we gladly buy candy bars that we don’t really want just to support the cause.

Adrian Bertollini recently created a Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Project to encourage schools and youth organizations to switch from selling candy bars to compact florescent light bulbs. He has organized a way for schools and organizations to purchase compact florescent light bulbs. The biggest and most immediate impact of our making the switch to compact florescent bulbs is the reduction in the amount of energy that is lost in converting the energy produced by the power plant to light in a home or business. at a tremendous discount and still be able to sell them to people for less than the amount they could be purchased retail.


The name of the project is Change a Million Light BulbsĀ and it is dedicated to the educating children and adults about climate change while simultaneously having a measurable positive impact on the issue.

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