Celebrating the Life of Brian Regnier

Brian Regnier, the beloved founder of Landmark’s Wisdom Division passed away at the age of 78 on December 6 from complications due to Parkinson’s disease. He is survived by his loving husband of many years, Tobin White, his sister, Cheri Wall, and a countless number of people who adored and cherished him.

It is in no way an exaggeration to say that Brian lived an extraordinary life. Born and raised in Chicago, he moved to San Francisco as a young man and met Werner Erhard in 1971, joining the staff of est not long after.

While originally a personal aide to Werner Erhard, he went on to become one of the highly trained staff members known as Consultants, and eventually created the very popular Wisdom Course. He created and designed nearly all of the programs that would follow in what would become the Wisdom Division. In addition, he became a Landmark Forum Leader and created the programs that now comprise the Personal Coaching Division.

He was also the creator of the annual Conference for Global Transformation held in May of each year. It has been attended by thousands of business and community leaders over the years– people committed to making a difference in issues critical to the future of humanity.

In his personal life people described Brian as someone around whom they experienced being free to be. Those that knew him said that he had a laugh and a smile that lifted everyone around him. Brian was down to earth – he had a clear view of what’s so in any matter under discussion. He spoke the truth, no holds barred and carried a pocketful of ‘empty and meaningless’ to apply liberally, granting freedom for everyone involved to be in effective action.

While many more things will be said of Brian in the days, weeks and years to come, a quote of his captures something essential.

A Miracle: An event that if not discounted, ignored or explained away, requires you to change your view of reality. ~ Brian Regnier.

By that definition, Brian’s life was indeed a miracle.

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Pat Earp says:

I can still hear Brian’s voice in my ears to this day. He lead my LandMark Forum, and he was just an extraordinary listener. Unassuming, short, thick glasses… when he spoke, you could hear a pin drop in the room. He touched me deeply.

Michael Fox says:

He was wonderful! So loving, so sweet.

Jim Martinez says:

And I can hear Brian now saying; “This is how life looks when it’s working!” Followed by the most outrageous ridiculous infectious smile! Rest in peace my friend! ?

Joyce Nolan says:

I stand in wonder of this man and what he used his life for – yes his life was the gift of miracles. Thank you Brian for being Werner’s aide. wow. Thank you for being available for staff in the creation of Consulting Services that went on to bring programs for us graduates. Thank you for Wisdom, Partnership, Elders conversation, Listening, Making a Difference, Completion, Productivity – on and on. Thank you for being Forum Leader. Thank you for standing with the few who stood for Werner’s work existing in the face of controversy. At that time there was no guarantee Werner’s work (our work) would continue to exist much less flourish! Thank you Brian. Thank you for the miracles your life has made possible and continues to make available now and through the future.

meredith wiley says:

Brian was a 5’4” 140 lb giant.

Noreen Schuster says:

A lot of my life is lived with people active in the Wisdom Course Area, and I’m deeply grateful for that, living for decades in the space Brian carved out. He always reminded us that the whole Wisdom area exists in support of the Centers.

Many years ago I attended a Landmark course called Mission Control. There I met a man who said he was thinking of retiring.

I recall the course and technique was all used by Forum Leaders. During the course someone asked the leader what happens when I am not using the technology?

The man replied “when you use it, you will be using it and when you aren’t using it, you won’t be using it “

Beyond the Wisdom course, which I took, along with the 40 years of my BEING an est graduate – who assisted in the transformation of est into the the Forum lies the past 29 years or more, that I have been using Mission Control every day of my life.


Wherever you are BRIAN, thank you (and Werner) for being in my life.

Love and Wisdom, Philos and Sophia, such an inspiration, such an example, such a generous life! Thank you Brian, your work continues in all of us! Peace

Neal Wexler says:

I love Brian. My life is better because I’ve known him. The vacation courses I’ve taken were made more special because Brian was part of them. Rest in peace my friend.

Larry Hayes says:

Met Brian in 1977 and was love at first sight. Truly a man of wisdom, love, and understanding. Like Warner he stood high above us all but never did he look down on you. Sorry to loose such a great person.

Visentin says:

One of the high people I would point at if I had to explain the current state of my wonderful life.

“Thank-you for everything Brian” as my friend LP said.

Visentin says:

One of the people I would point at if I had to explain the current state of my wonderful life. “Thank-you for everything Brian” as my friend LP said.

Creating the Wisdom curriculum brought heart to the LM education.
I assisted Brian when he lead the Forum in Sacramento,CA. It was probably the most amazing, empowering, beautiful thing I’ve experienced in the last 22 years!
Thanks Brian for the love and smiles that you always brought to everything!!

Marion Rose says:

Every time Brian spoke it rocked my world… sweetness and brilliance. I’m infinitely grateful for the fruits of his wisdom that are everywhere in Landmark and in all the relationships I have with fellow Wisdom grads. Bless you, Thank you, RIP, dear Brian.

P. Mary Manrod says:

I have my 3 adopted grandchildren in my life because of being in the Wisdom Course, a family that works. An ex-daughter in law that has been transformed into daughter. My interaction with Brian at CGT has allowed my to listen to almost everything and the commitment to listen beyond what I thought could be with. Thank you, Brian. It has forever shifted who I am, causing miracles every day.

I can think of no deeper tribute to a person than to say, “I stand with you in the reckless pursuit of beauty, freedom, and peace. I stand in your commitment to release others for having forgotten their true selves and Source. As we stood on your shoulders, we too will provide broad shoulders upon which others may stand”

Simcha Borenstein says:

Sometime in the early 90s right before leading a course in New York, Brian came into the center office, sat down at an unoccupied table, made a phone call and then casually got up and left the office. I was astounded by the fact that he didn’t seem rushed or hurried or nervous or any myriad of ways that I knew one needed to be if they were moments away from leading a course. He wasn’t even walking quickly. I knew then that there was a way of living and being with life that was foreign to me but still possible. I wanted what he had.

I’ve never know anyone like Brian. Not even close. His ability to impart complex ideas in a way that made them seem inevitable. To hold lightness and profundity without having one diminish the other. His mischievous, playful, subversive and brilliant mind. The room he had for the full expression of humanity that could leave me experiencing more of me than I ever knew was there.

He was such a gift.

I will always love him and be grateful for the wonderful life he allowed me and so many others to have.

Cynthia L Cooper says:

We are his legacy, the fulfillment of his commitment. We are blessed to have known him and now charged to carry his vision forth.

Len Arzt says:

It was my incredible good fortune to know and work with Brian. I never knew a better teacher/coach
than Brian nor a better person. He was greatly loved! He will be greatly missed.

I first met Brian while attending the Wisdom Course in 1987. He was a totally unique leader amongst all the leaders of est, WE&A, and Landmark. When he took over the reins of the Consulting Services there was a marked shift in The Staff of the entire Enterprise. When he became a Forum Leader there was a major shift in the Forum Leader Body. The difference was in their listening, compassion, and well-being and people loving their lives.

Harry Sloofman says:

I first met Brian in 1979 in a Staff Self Select program in SF. I went on staff soon after and we always went out together when he came to the NY Center. In 1981 I took The Nature Of Reality course which blew my mind. He truly was Yoda. Years later I took the Wisdom Course and it was fine. It wasn’t the Nature of Reality. I ran into Brian after and my mentioned that The Wisdom Course wasn’t The Nature of Reality and he smiled his unique smile and said you’re right! You got it. It’s not it! There is no one like him I’ve ever known.

Ritan Hurtado says:

When I think of Brian there is no sadness at his passing. I only remember his smile, sence of humor and what a delight it was to be around him. How lucky we all were to have known him. Few people bring so much joy to so many. My prayers are for Tobin and Brian’s sister who must continue without him.

Brian was always the voice of possibility calmly translating into effective action.
If Brian said it would be so, then so it would be.
I’m grateful for the time he spent with us !!!!

Jasmine Flame says:

Thanking you Brian for Gracing Life with your gentle and most potent light.
Has me sweetly smiling in & out my friend.

Thank you for this delightful summary of what everyone who knew Brian can totally relate to and remember.

My favorite statement which I’m now going to try to live into in the rest of my life is this:

“The room he had for the full expression of humanity that could leave me experiencing more of me than I ever knew was there.” has touched me as EXACTLY what I experienced of him, and now will make my own life’s purpose and goal – “Carol left people experiencing and loving more of themselves than they ever knew was there – or even possible before!” THANK YOU!

Brian is someone I consider a mentor and teacher in my life since participating in the Nature of Reality program with him in 1984. He Led my Creation of Freedom program in 1985 and “blew my mind.”
I reached out to him in 1990 when I was a Senior Vice President of Magma company and he organized the initial meeting with Magma executives and Landmark which led to an extraordinary Large scale, multinational project and the birth of Vanto Group.
I honor Brian as a world leader for creating the possibility of a new being for human beings! He will always be a role model for being extraordinary! Love you always Brian, many sweet memories.

Andrew Ulanowski says:

I had the pleasure of being in a few courses with Brian Regnier. He was the loveliest, happiest and most inspiring man. Smarter than anyone i have known since. I remember getting a phone message from him. He needed to give me his email address which was: BHR@ something. He giggled on the message and said, “Boy, Handsome, Romeo” at . . .”

Dan Prosser says:

Funny (not like Brian would think funny though – he was off the charts) that on December 6 of this year (2022) I found myself on this page reading that I had missed the passing of one of the most incredible human beings that I had ever met in my life – by exactly one year. I will never forget the time Landmark gave our family permission to hire Brian to coach us in a family session for a long weekend and I got to pick him up at the airport. The guy had Rockstar status. And he never stopped his joyous laughing – mostly at us. We got to see as a family that we were just a bunch of knot heads joyously traveling through life and there was not a damn thing wrong with any of us. Thank you Brian you wonderfully crazy soul.

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