Byron Beach Looking for Twenty ‘Big Losers’

According to the Byron Shire News, twenty people from the Byron Bay area in Eastern Australia will soon have the opportunity to drastically lose weight and get in shape in a manner akin to that used on that popular television series “The Biggest” Loser, with 20 contestants taking part in an intensive training regimen. The idea was conceived by Kylie Flevell as her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, who says that “This 12-week intensive course will provide 20 contestants with a world-class exercise and nutrition program that will be tailored to the individual.”

Flevell enlisted a range of sponsors in the project, the largest of whom is Candice Marslen, owner of two fitness facilities in Byron Bay – she is providing $24,000 worth of health and fitness programs at her own expense. Marslen is also offering identical free programs for others who don’t qualify as one of the 20 participants, albeit without the chance to win the contest.

Two winners of the contest will be awarded a variety of spa treatments, ongoing fitness classes, beauty treatments and other prizes.

Those interested in taking part can show up at the launch day, held July 31st at 11am at Railway Park in Byron Bay, or contact Marslen in advance at 0402 749 641. A $100 registration fee is required to take part. Read more details about the fitness program and the contest at the Byron Shire News website.

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Michael Nunan says:

Makes me wish I lived in Australia! I am from Canada.

I am taking on losing some weight (a lot would be good) and preparing to climb mount Fuji with my daughter in September…

I have a buddy here working with me.

Good luck!

Aygun says:

Very inspiring! My wife and myself are committed to our health as well as health and well being of others.

Exercise is a big part of our life. We create short term projects on fitness and complete them.

Just recently as last weekend we have completed a fitness challenge where for 3months we trained in a gym for me to pump muscle all over my body from upper front and back to my legs. Then for the last 10 days trim down and get ready for a photo shoot with my wife.

It has been very interesting and a few new experiences came out of this fitness challenge. Now we are taking a few weeks off before we create the next fitness challenge.

Again great work. Keep up the inspiration.

Melbourne, Australia

LE Grads - Weight Loss Contests Created in Landmark Education SELP Program says:

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