BusinessWeek Spotlights Panda Express and its Work with Landmark Education

The lastest issue of BusinessWeek magazine spotlights Panda Express, the largest chain of Asian food restaurants in the United States, and the working relationship Panda Express has with Landmark Education.

In the article, Panda founder and co-CEO Andrew Cherng talks about why he is passionate about the value of Landmark Education and The Landmark Forum: “I see the benefit of Landmark to the human race,” he says. “If you quit Panda tomorrow, I still want you to go to Landmark.”

The article goes onto discuss how Panda’s emphasis on superior customer service has fueled its rapid growth across the United States. Cherng sees this emphasis as being something that transcends profits and is actually about making a real difference in the world: “better service, better execution, better environment. Every one of these things requires a human touch. Every one of these things benefits from Landmark…..Forget about return on investment. This is a tremendous overall contribution to society.”

Read the entire article at the BusinessWeek site.

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