Bountiful Backyard Barter Links Urban Farmers

Creagh Miller has brought back old fashioned bartering to one Seattle neighborhood: her project, Bountiful Backyard Barter, which she initiated while taking Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, is connecting Ballard residents by allowing them to trade food and other services with ease.  According to the story at Ballard Komo News, the project is connecting urban farmers and causing sustainability. The community has embraced the project, with about 12,000 volunteer hours already committed.

Miller notes that when people grow their own produce, they often have an overabundance of one or two items, which they tire of, leading them to throw away the excess. Backyard Barter allows people to optimize their food production and trade it for just about anything.

The website will allow people to see what others are offering quickly and easily. “Imagine Facebook and Craigslist getting married – where people can go on and look for specific food they want to trade or look at people’s profiles,” she says.

Miller has a grant application pending with Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, but regardless the project will fully get underway this spring and summer during growing season.

Miller’s ultimate goals include increasing the prevalence of urban farming and creating a closer community.

“My real dream is this will bring people into the urban farming movement that wouldn’t usually do it,” she said.

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Congratulations. This idea is spreading as more and more farmers bring their produce to Urban Centers so that fresh and healthy produce is made available to people who ordinarily would not have access. Thank you.

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