‘Born Schizophrenic’ Airs Tonight

Born Schizophrenic, a documentary about a rare case of childhood schizophrenia produced by Landmark Education graduate Steve Truitt, is showing on the Discovery Channel tonight at 9pm ET.

“Born Schizophrenic”, a documentary outlining a rare and severe case of childhood schizophrenia, airs tonight, May 4, on the Discovery Channel at 9pm Eastern Time / 6pm Pacific Time. Executive produced by Landmark Education graduate Steve Truitt, the feature is part of Discovery Channel’s Psych Week, with shows focusing on mental health.

Truitt, who hosts several popular national cable shows on the Discovery Channel and other outlets, is also the award-winning author of Stop Waiting for Permission, a book about personal success and fulfillment. See the video below for more information

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  1. Please post it online…I am a Psychology major and would like to see this documentary as a part of my research. Thank you

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