Artful Vision Celebrates First Anniversary

A year ago, Maxine Gardner created a project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program called Artful Vision, which essentially an online art gallery that pairs up the work of a variety of artists with non-profits, giving a portion of each sale to a participating non-profit. Gardner and Artful Vision celebrated their first anniversary with an appearance at the Maker Faire Festival in Dearborn, Michigan, which took place this past weekend.

According to an article at Huntington Wood Berkley-Patch, Gardner now has 90 artists and 23 partner non-profit organizations involved with Artful Vision. A wide variety of items created by these artists is available at Artful Vision, including paintings, jewelry, clothing, musical recordings, furniture and much more. When an item is bought from the Artful Vision Gallery, 20% of the sale price goes to the non-profit partner chosen by the customer.

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