Adventures in Science

Out of taking the Landmark Forum, science teacher Otto Fong realized his dreams of becoming an animator, combining his passion for science with his passion for animation to provide kids with an entertaining and easy way to learn scientific principles.

Fong previously released his animated ‘Adventures in Science Book in 2008 – now Fong has brought his second ‘Adventures in Science Book’ to SmartKids ’10, Malaysia’s largest children’s education fair, which took place this past April 9-11. Fong was also a featured speaker in May at the Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference. The book is both an animated comic adventure and an educational teaching tool about science.

Fong, who began his career as an engineer and then a science teacher, had long had both a love of science and animation.

Here Fong discusses the physical creation of the second Adventures in Science Book:

Here Fong gives some of his personal background and tells why he wanted to create a comic book about science:

Adventures in Science has now been listed as a Children’s bestseller. For more information on Fong – he is planning a third Adventures in Science Book – or to see more of Fong’s artwork and to find out where the books can be ordered, visit the Sir Fong blog.

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Children can relate so much more to an animation or cartoon rather then being fed information.I commend Fong for taking his passion to the next level so other can benefit from it.

Well done sir 🙂

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