‘Adopt A Dancer’ Brings Dance to Poor Children

LEN - adopt a dancerAdopt a Dancer, the project created by Jenni Beck in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program, is bringing the joy of Latin dance to underpriviliged children in South Africa. Modest donations to Adopt a Dancer have allowed 20 boys and 20 girls to train weekly at a leading Latin American studio, Dance Domain in Table View, who are helping sponsor the dance lessons.

Beck explains the inspiration for her project:

“When I was going through some serious financial difficulty about two years ago, I felt like my dancing saved my life,” says Beck. “I’m so passionate about it and I adore kids and working with them.”

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Jacqui Benson says:

1 of the amazing projects that came out of the 1st ever Self-Expression and Leadership Programme in Cape Town, South Africa!

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